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Monday, January 10, 2011

Now THAT is funny. The Automobile Wrecking Site Edition.

Many years ago, I gave my boyfriend a Valentine's Day card that had this Far Side cartoon on the cover. The message inside was something harmless like "Happy Valentine's Day." He stared at the card blankly when I gave it to him. He didn't get that it was supposed to be funny. To me, this is insanely hilarious. I dated that guy for over three years! I would now like to have a long talk with all of you about what a shit head I can be about my life decisions. I mean, that's a deal breaker, right ladies?
Far Side cartoons are some of my favorite funny things on this planet. In my family, you can say randomly say "First pants, THEN your shoes" and everyone will laugh heartily. "Wait, wait...cancel that. I guess it says 'helf'." is also a consistent winner. These comics are equal parts smart, weird, goofy, and hysterical. Lord bless Gary Larson for bringing them into my life.


  1. LOVE Far Side. With my family, "Cat Fud" kills every time. And any guy who doesn't think the Far Side is funny isn't worth three minutes, nevermind three years!

  2. Yes,yes x 100000. For the longest time, my test for whether I wanted to talk to someone or not was whether they found antidaephobia funny or not.

    Actually, it still is. Y'all are warned.

  3. I got the large Far Side Anthology that came out in 90s, right after Larson stopped the comic and in it there is a section where more than once a newspaper had switched the captions of the Far Side and Dennis the Menace. The Dennis cartoons with Far Side captions are very, very funny.

    When I was in Middle School and High School the Far Side and Bloom County were the only two comics that I read and I loved them both so much.

    If you aren't already familiar, let me recommend "Ignatz and Krazy Kat". That shit is bonkers.

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