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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Behind the Grunts: Tights & Pads: Chiefs Vs. Ravens

Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Baltimore Ravens 12:00 pm CT time 

Cool factor: If you like the violent aspect of Football, this is the game for you. This is going to be an all out collision of defenses. 

Suck Factor: On the other hand, if you like offensive play, this might get sloppy.

Players to watch:
Ed Reed
Ed Reed is only one of the great players that make up the ravens defense great, but he will probably be the player with the most emotion this Sunday. While this honor usually goes to Ray Lewis, Reed has recently had to deal with his 29 year old brother's disappearance. Always a dominant force as a safety, we will see how this affects his play.

Fun Factoid: Ravens Offensive tackle, Michael Oher was homeless until a rich family adopted him. He eventually overcame having to grow up in a very dysfunctional family and is now a starting player. Someone should maybe make a movie out of this.


  1. mike you and your family are truly an amazing story and has touched me in a way no other life story can. you really turned things to the bright side for your self with help from some great people . p.s your mom and sister are amazingly gorgeous !!!!!!!

  2. this is really an inspirational story