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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Due to red stitching on balls, baseball was briefly outlawed as communist activity by House Un-American Activities Committee. - Fozzy

The balls were painted black to cover this fact and thrown at those who would not testify. - Mans

The only player to ever pitch a no-hitter and hit a grand slam in the same season was J. Edgar Hoover in drag. - Fozzy

In June of 1874 Greyson "Greydog" Smithwick set 14 different records for crotch readjusting in a single at bat. - KelBurrows

Pete Rose was banned from baseball for putting whoopee cushions under opposing team's benches. - Fozzy

Prior to 1911, orphans were used as bases in many baseball diamonds. Now, they are usually only used in farm leagues. - Mans

Despite his name, Johnny Bench worked as a chair for several years after retirement. - Mans

Up until 1912 it was considered unmannerly to not kiss the hand of the umpire before each at bat. - KelBurrows

In the late 80s, George Brett was fined for using a baseball bat stuffed with sausage. - Mans

It wasn't until 1996 that an antiquated rule about performance enhancing mustache wax was taken off the MLB rule books. - DirtySpaceNews

The SF Giants and Philadelphia Phillies are both known for their rumored pre-game pig sacrifices. - CakeorDeath

Baseball diamond comes from the large diamonds and treasures secretly buried under every major league playing field. - Fozzy

Unbeknownst to many, Phil Rizzuto actually believed in a Cow Diety and saw announcing as a form of proselytism. - TopKnot

A Cal Ripken rookie card is considered legal tender in several Micronesian nations. - KelBurrows

In 1989, Billy Ripkin's Fleer baseball card clearly shows him holding a bat that says "Who's Billy Ripkin"? - Mans

In 1934, Hal "Bowlegs" Heartley became the first player to be pictured smacking his wife on a baseball card. - Fozzy

Baseball has not been played in the US since 1974. All television broadcasts are repeats. - Mans

Rickey Henderson is currently my friend's landlord in Oakland, CA. - TopKnot

Much to the chagrin of the Arizona Cardinals' pitchers, it's state mandated that they use illegal aliens for target practice. - CakeorDeath

Doing the wave is stupid. - KelBurrows

While the Cobb Salad is not named after Ty Cobb, it is just as racist. - Mans

Originally, all 162 games of a season were played in one weekend. One horrific, exhausting weekend. - HateTheDrake

A balk was named after a deplorable sex act after a bar bet between Bowie Kuhn and astronaut Michael Collins - SuperSloth

The NY Mets were started as a Ponzi scheme. - TopKnot

Due to confusion, the Red Sox actually thought they were trading an infant girl named Ruth to the Yankees. - Mans

It is rumored that Kansas City used to have a professional baseball team. No one can prove it though. - HateTheDrake

Kirby Puckett is one of only seven MLB players to serve on the US Supreme Court. - Mans

While Jackie Robinson was the 1st recorded black pro baseball player, Mr.'s Lulu Hinkelmeyer & Harriet Flesch paved the way. - CakeorDeath

The names of the bases were actually named for the varying degrees of Alexander Cartwright's sexual achievements. - TopKnot

Every Sunday, Will Clark sets up a table at a flea market in Iowa and sells copies of his rookie card. - Mans

For a brief period in the early nineties, the Blue Jays lived in my grandmother's backyard. She chased them away with a hose. - Bluestockings

I will likely use "All your baseball are belong to us" in the next round of #baseballmemes - KelBurrows

Johnny Bench briefly hosted a hidden camera camera show titled "You Got Benched!" #sklarbros - DirtySpaceNews

Much to the surprise of tourists, Cincinnati has a Major League Baseball team. - Mans

Daryl Strawberry's campaign to change the name to "Freebase Ball" was largely unsuccessful. - TopKnot

The original logo for the Milwaukee Brewers was a sobbing fan. - Mounty

Pete Rose, Justin Bieber and He-Man all share the same hair piece. - Mans

Youppi is the federal Bloc candidate for Westmount-Ville Marie. - Bluestockings

The first baseballs were made from cornhusks and wild boar sinew. - Mounty

It was quite fashionable amongst society ladies in the 1900s to wear baseball mitts on both hands. - Mounty

Tommy Lasorda accidently invented the bunt during a bad spell of indigestion. - TopKnot

It's a common misconception that the Montreal Expos were made up of former police officers. - DirtySpaceNews

Derek Jeter eats copious amounts of babby flesh before each game. It's in his contract. - Mounty

In 1913 if your ball hit any of the cows grazing in right field of Comiskey Park, it was considered a ground rule double. - KelBurrows

Major League was a documentary. - Mounty

Bill Buckner actually stopped the famous under-the-legs ball; it was actually a wad of toilet paper, but no one believed him. - DirtySpaceNews

After the 1989 film "Field of Dreams," Ghost Baseball Leagues popped up all over the Midwest. - TopKnot

Aimee Mann wrote "Save Me" after breaking up with Dennis Eckersley. - KelBurrows

The first successful field goal was scored in 1922 and was awarded 5 points by a panel of judges. - spersons

Shea Stadium was originally just a hole in the middle of Queens. - jawnofthedead


  1. This game was born this weekend over brunch with Fozzy, CakeorDeath, and me so it holds a special place in my heart. I hate that Twitter loses hash tag games after a week or so. Thus, I will continue to curate until someone takes away my author privileges on MOBFD. Also, holy shit are some of these funny! Good job, team.

    Ed's Note: For context - Youppi was the name of the Montreal Expos mascot. Canadians are adorable, you guys.

  2. I love all these, I wish I had time to photoshop all of them.

  3. Sorry, team. I sometimes forget y'all aren't Canadian. :)

  4. You're all wrong, baseball was invented from a dare made by my ex-girlfriend.

  5. These are great. Wish I had been a part of this game -- hilarious!