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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No Paparazzo-O: Mad Mensch

Hey gang! Long time no see, or whatever. You've missed me, I'm sure. Anyway, let's do this:

The 2nd Annual Monthly L.A. Monster Mashup Weekend of Meetup (whatever that means) was a success. Thekelburrows, Concert Addict, KajusX & Chainsaw, Grinth, Hotspur, Le Sigh, A Serious Monster and others came, Saw 3D, and conquered in Eagle Rock. There was even a special brunch appearance by Fozzy the Chair. Consider this post an OPEN THREAD on the L.A. Meetup...

 On Sunday night, while WAITING IN LINE at the SEVEN GRAND in downtown (seriously? WTF? Don't they KNOW who I am? Did they not have eyes to see that my date was the INTERNET FAMOUS Thekelburrows?!) I saw the one and only Rich Sommer aka HARRY CRANE, Head of Media at STERLING COOPER DRAPER PRYCE.


He's very attractive IRL, so in the notorious words of Thisismynightmare, "I'D HIT THAT." And in the notorious words of Teacherman, "I'D LITERALLY HIT THAT" to the Seven Grand. Fuck queue.


  1. Yay! The meet-up weekend was SO MUCH FUN, you guys. Besides getting to hang out and see everyone, my personal highlights included:
    1) Grinth OWNING the Beatles Twist and Shout at karaoke.
    2) HotSpur's ability to blow bubbles when no one else could (fucking bubbles, how do they work?)
    3) Having one of the Sklar brothers say "thanks" and the other briefly pat me after I said they did a great set.
    4) Getting to misuse the word "heteronormative" 974 times with ASM for absolutely no one's amusement but my own.
    5) Fozzy making me laugh so hard that I nearly spit out my pancakes when he said Ty Cobb was nicknamed "The Horse Whisperer" (it made sense in context, honest)

  2. Did anyone else sing?

    How is Mena Suvari?

  3. Thanks Kel!

    It should also be noted bowling became a team competition, gents vs ladies, with the gents prevailing despite cakeordeath's attempts to, eh hem, rewrite the rules post game.

    I'm still bummed that the show on Sunday was sold out, but I have only my own indecision to blame for that.

  4. Kel, I'm not included in your personal highlights?!?

    That's it. We're in a fight. This is us fighting.

  5. Hey Cake, did you notice that I made it into Kel's highlights? Huh? Jealous???

  6. TRUE STORY: I was thinking to myself "Oh God, no one wants to hear me continue to throw up all over the internet about how much I love CakeorDeath - so I will just send her an email and spare everyone the nausea."

    And Kel, where is said email? The two sentences I have written are saved as a draft in Hotmail.

  7. Hey Fozzy...