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Friday, February 25, 2011


This fall, a world famous cellist forms an unlikely partnership with a world famous pop star. Get ready for "Yo Yo Ga Ga." - Huckabeast

80's rock band summoned to ancient Greece, rocking the face that launched 1000 ships. Christina Hendricks IS "Van Halen of Troy" - Huckabeast

Small heroes have big adventures when a thrillseeking bug and her nephews find a legendary map in "Aunt Mantis's Atlantis Atlas" - Huckabeast

Soda mogul finds minor Butthole Surfers hit song makes vegetables grow faster in "Dr. Pepper peppers peppers with 'Pepper.'" - FrankLloydWrong

Steve was a normal guy, until a hunting accident left him with two bear arms on his right side. Support "The Right 2 Bear Arms." - Topknot

A farmer's dog loses his fortune gambling w/ old ladies at church but finds the meaning of friendship in "Bingo's Bingo BINGO!" - TheKelBurrows

A pair of magic dentures brings two senior citizens, who both gave up on love, together. See Betty White in "Teeth for Two." - FrankLloydWrong

An insane Manhattan woman gets more than she bargained for when she poses as prostitute in "The Loco Faux Ho of SoHo." - Huckabeast

Octuplets enter a pie eating contest to raise awareness of racism. Shia LaBeouf in "Eight Ate Hate." - FrankLloydWrong

A documentary on the hardships of having the worlds biggest appitite. Stunning actorial debut of k.d.lang in "Constant Cravings" - DirtySpaceNews

An indecisive talking vegetable struggles against an abundance of quicksand on his property in "The Fickle Pickle's Sinkholes." - Huckabeast

Journey to an alternate reality where George Washington became the White House janitor in "Washington Washing Tons." - Topknot

Two cities have a madcap battle to see which one will garner the seat of power. Colin Firth in "Capital Capitol." - FrankLloydWrong

A cinematic journey about a basketball superstar battling depression filled with cheap jokes "Low Brow LeBron Frowns" - TheKelBurrows

A South American president outlaws Tex-Mex cooking, so the locals turn it into dessert. George Lopez in "Chile's Chilly Chili." - FrankLloydWrong

a gifted band of South American llamas' friendship is put to the test when they tour Mexico in "The Polka Alpakas of Acapulco." - Huckabeast

An overboard sea-feline visits an old friend in Capsized Captain Cats Comes Calling - TheKelBurrows

Dwayne Johnson stars in an A-Team spinoff where, in a twist, HE'S hired to save one of the teams best. The Rock IS "Saving Face" - DirtySpaceNews

Scientists study the reproductive habits of tomatoes in the gripping docu-drama "To Mate a Tomato." - Topknot

A flailing workout facility raises money by convincing Widespread Panic to host a fund raiser in Jim's Gym Jamming Jamboree - TheKelBurrows

Citizens of Warsaw lobby over the possession of a recently departed Bishop's antique staff. Dane Cook in "The Pole Poll Pole." - FrankLloydWrong

The Prince of Wales and the Original James Kirk form an odd partnership to fine Buffalo's football team in "Bills Bill Bills." - Huckabeast

hard-nosed hot-sauce exec from upper NY bullies stubborn coin collector in Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo - TeacherMan

French-language film about a woman's passion for puppetry. Marion Cotillard stars in "Marion et Marionette". - Baby Friday

Documentary about the Boss's crusade to get a juvenile offender out of jail in "Springsteen Springs Teen". - Baby Friday

Romance blooms when an action star and a Scranton office worker populate seaside cottages in "Willis and Phillis Fill Villas." - Huckabeast

Several female sheep from New Jersey abruptly circle a conifer in their car and return home in: Ewes Use "Youse", U's Yews - Patrick M

Lilith Fair Founder abandons music to open a store selling breakable timepieces in: Sarah McLachlan's Ceramic Clock Land - Patrick M

The only way Jane will notice Tom is if he pretends to take her hostage. This summer's most explosive Rom-Com: "Tom's Bomb Con." - Topknot

Documentary about the seedy world of underground staring contests in the Mexican navy. "I Eye, Aye Aye". - Baby Friday

Their wedding draws eyes after the ladies betroth on a row boat, only to find it was all a dream: "Mary Merrily Marrys Mary" - DirtySpaceNews

A whimiscal "What if?" tale about an aged former Beatle opening a bathroom boutique. "John Lennon's John Linen" - Baby Friday

Thrilling portrayal of a crossword contest that comes down to one difficult clue. "Little Riddle in the Middle" - Baby Friday

South African activist tells ballerina that they are both watching games with tied scores in: Tutu to tutu, "Two to two, too." - Patrick M

A fun cartoon romp about a porcine math lover and his truck-driving adventures. "Big Rig Pig's Trig" - Baby Friday

An entire South American country becomes afflicted with a annoying sounding throat disease in Venezuela's Uvula Vuvuzela - TheKelBurrows

Jealous of her flawless skin, Manilow hides a movie starlet's secret fruit elixir in "Barry Buries Berre's Berries." - Huckabeast

A young hot shot English teacher struggles to teach inner city students but can he learn to love again in "Educating Teacherman" - TheNarrator

A look at the leader of China's unlikely popularity in this northern NM hippie hamlet: "Hu Jintao: Huge in Taos" - Topknot

Mix-ups turn to mayhem at Orly when labor strife blocks flights.  Paris Fuellers Day Off w/ Vin Diesel - TheDADBurrows (!!!)

Arcade Fire frontman disovers a knack for golf, but can only play when the weather cooperates in "Win Wins When Wind Ends." - Huckabeast

Oh, man, I have a good #moviepitch tweet about Jean Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet, Chevalier de La Marck but it's too long for Twitter :( - Patrick M

Sudanese ballplayer places short piece by German author in pet amphibian's water, in: Manute Bol my-newt-bowls minute Böll - Patrick M


  1. Twitter was worth it.

  2. You guys are hysterical. I'm sad I missed this. Also, this made me laugh tears:
    This is so good. I'm sad I missed it. Also, this made me laugh tears:
    Octuplets enter a pie eating contest to raise awareness of racism. Shia LaBeouf in "Eight Ate Hate." - FrankLloydWrong

  3. Listen, I still think that "Eight Ate Hate" has legs.

  4. I am very sorry to have missed this one.

  5. these posts are just simply gold.

    in a world.. of underground cruelty, farm animals are restrained and filmed as condiments are thrown at their heads in "Duct Taped Duck Taped Ducking Tapenade".