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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Monster Roundup

February 23rd, 2011

Outside Stuff
A lot of stuff went down since the last Monster Roundup
Murraynmitch turned us on to CBC Radio and their WMOAT discussionScottGum confirmed the date for the Videogum 3rd anniversary Celebration in New york. As you might know, someone started an official Gabe Delahaye site. There you can find links to his pre-gum blog and other stuff Gabe-related. If you've visited the site in the past you might know that Gabe wrote a novel & that you can download it for free

Gabe also has a Facebook fan-page started by DS3M. Speaking of Facebook, Grace6697 has started a very noble cause for the advancement of humanity and the preservation of mother earth, please join. Birdie Also has a fanpage. MOBFD facepage coming soonish.

If you live in NY, you might want to head over to Brooklyn and check out these honorary monsters every Wednesday. Also, Joe Mande is hosting a comedy showcase tonight, featuring John Mulaney, Wyatt Cenac, Noah Garfinkel at Caroline's.

For those monsters who miss Lindsay be sure to check out her Tumblr, also check her out on the twitter.
MOBFD Happenings

The chat is open at all times, but it is more likely full on Friday afternoons, Tuesdays (9pm ct)  & Sundays. sometimes it gets full at weird unpredictable times.  The monsters are very welcoming, don't be afraid to say hi.  During the daytime monsters are most likely present but not necessarily chatting. Jake Fogelnest hosts a chat every Friday at 6PM ct. Internet commentator discretion is advised.

The Monster Movie Club Is taking a break until after April due to scheduling conflicts with my stupid work. The last Movie covered will be King's Speech Next Wednesday.(Authors: feel free to start any movie discussion that you want)
Here are the past Monster Movie Club discussions: 

Zac Little brings a taste of his blog to MOBFD and more.
Thisismynightmare organizes the Monster Fit Club. Check for it on Mondays 
Topknot will periodically bring us Legends of Note, an in-depth look at some rad bands, this edition brings us The Talking Heads, next time it's Radiohead.
Paper Street Soap bring you Monsters Through Time
Kirabira shows us how to get pretty.
Niamh teaches us how to dougie. 
Lengi teaches us how to draw
Monster TV is coming to a TV station near you.
Nightmare also writes a column called I'd hit that and more
Mntsbeyondmnts brings you the official monster advice column, Dear Mountie.
Frank Lloyd Wrong keeps it gangsta with Freak Out and more.
Lawblog is bringing the Drama in Gums of Our Lives and more.
LBT's Generic Book Corner is a freaking joy to read. A freaking joy to read!
Concert Addict brings you her concert reviews, gif round-ups and more.
Cakeordeath is bringing you her experiences of living in the LA and running into celebrities & more.
Lizzing takes care of all unanswered videogum tips in Just the Tip. Email her if you have some stuff you think she can use.
Duncan...huh.. is involved in the blog.
Godsauce brings street justice to the blog.
Doctor Girlfriend brings you Nerd Alert! 
Teacherman brings you the poems and more.BabyFriday brings her Safari Planet & more.
Superglue examines characters she hates in films she loves & more.
Fozzy The Chair gives us a peek into his McSweeney submissions.
Slothdrop brings us some pretty pictures to look at. 
Mr Adventurema & Bearrifying show us how to procrastinate

We have an online game list for Playstation Network, Xbox Live, Word With Friends for Istuff and the android version of Scrabble, Wordfeud that Skotchka mentioned. We also added a Steam group that Ben (waiting for the perfect gif) created.

The monster marketplace finally open, if you have an Ebay, Etsy or real store let me know and I'll add it. I finally recovered some of the content I had before, if you have something you want to add please email me and such.

If you have no idea what's going on be sure to check out Werttrew's Inside joke list.
Don't forget to check the Monsters' Ball stats as well as the complete WMOAT list.

We started a Kiva team! Like I said before, you don't have to give right now to join, you decide when and who to give to. 

If you are a monster and have stuff going on outside of Videogum send me an email & I'll try to post a link to it. If you have a personal Blog send a link to Werttrew or me and we'll happily ad you to the Blog/tumblr list. 
If you want to attend a meetup, check out the upcoming meetup schedule.  

If you want to be added to Werrtrew's videogum twitter list, send him a message.
If you have any submissions for Monster Roundup or MOBFD, be sure to send them to me. A delicious corpse style column is coming up where I want a lot of monsters to participate, let me know if you are interested. Also, be sure to check out our other casual contributors such as Gangy, Just Desserts, Dafs, Josh_is_Wrong, Anchor Management, Ghostdad, Dirty Space News, Facetaco, Xave, Philplusbert, Underwear Eyes, Pizza, Hipsterdad, DS3M etc. Sorry if I forgot you, I'm an idiot.

One Last thing:
Motherfucking Huckabeast is a writer. He pens (Pens? keyboards? You'd think "writes" would have more synonyms) music reviews for Stereo Subversion. They are looking for editors at the moment, so if you are interested you might want to apply. He also writes for Footnote TV. I think most monsters would find it pretty interesting:
FN Belong 2-19-11 from Footnote on Vimeo.
Check out full episodes at


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