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Monday, February 14, 2011

Dear Mountie

In this week's column, we have a Monster who has a crush on another Monster! Just in time for Valentine's Day (my favorite holiday after Christmas)!

What should a Monster do if they have a crush on another Monster? Asking for a friend...

Ooohh, this is a good one! Gosh, there are so many variables that it's sort of hard to answer this without knowing more. However, I'll do my best.

If the Monster you have a crush on is in your geographical vicinity, you could consider extending an invitation to meet up for drinks or coffee. I would advise taking a "friends first" approach, and framing the invitation in more of a "monster meet up" context than as a formal "date" (lots of quotes in that sentence). Then, if it goes well, you can suggest getting together again for dinner and a movie (or whatever the kids are doing these days on their dates).

However, if said Monster is NOT located in an area reasonably close to you, that makes it more difficult, doesn't it? Certainly you could iPursue an e-relationship, and those are fulfilling in their own ways, as long as this is something that meets your needs. In this instance, emailing or DMing or sending a Facebook message (all carefully worded, of course) to test the waters would suffice.

In either case, take things slowly and test the waters before proclaiming your affections. If the Monster does not return your feelings, chat, Twitter, and Videogum may become painful and awkward for you both, and nobody wants that.

Good luck and Godspeed! Please let me know if you have any more questions. I hope this was helpful for you.

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  1. All the monster ladies and the monster dudes are crushing on me. It's a blessing and a curse.

  2. (Quickly covers up doodle in notebook that says, "Mr. Mans Godsauce". Giggles.)

  3. I have a crush on all the monsters.

  4. Longlivemufasa? Do we need to talk?

  5. I'm with Sharktamer - when I first read the question, I was like "YES! I have a crush on, like, 200 different people many of whom are completely anonymous and may be teenage girls or prison inmates (or both HAWT!!!) WHAT TO DO??"

  6. @Mans wouldn't it be Mans Sauce?
    Boo! hiss!! boo!!(tomatoes)