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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Spike Roller Joust 3000 - Fozzy

Thunder Death Ball - Fozzy

Competitive Screeching - Fozzy

Mind Ball - Lawblog

Turbo Piranha Death Pit - Fozzy

Pin the tail on the Anti-Donkey - Lawblog

Ennui Blading - kelburrows

Explode Ball - Fozzy

Competitive Fisting - Lawblog


Goodminton - Fozzy

Bird Peeling - Lawblog

NFL (National Football Lazer) - Fozzy

Bare-Knuckle Resenting - kelburrows

Ghost Tag - Lawblog

Competitive Balding - Lawblog

Skeet Chewing. - FrankLloydWrong

Bantamweight Death Whimsy - kelburrows

Rocking Horse Lazer Polo - Lawblog

Rock Paper Murder Death Kill - Fozzy

Sleep Eating 5k - Fozzy

Exploding Chess. - FrankLloydWrong

Crochet Fighting - Lawblog

Marriage or Chopping - Mans

Intergalactic Sponge Rodeo - Mans

Waffle Iron Basketball - Lawblog

Bicurious-athalon - kelburrows

Mixed Martial Arts & Crafts. - FrankLloydWrong

Jetski Fire Joust (on Mountain Dew River) - Fozzy

Strategic Calf Hair Burning - Mans

Marmot Tossing - Lawblog

Religion - Mans

Dry Hump-Ping-Pong - FrankLloydWrong

Spaceballs - Ian

Backgammon, but with laser swords - Lawblog

Predator Jai Alai - Fozzy

Cthulhu Hooping - kelburrows

Hobo Blood Rodeo - Mans

Running Man, but for real - Fozzy

Hobo Weddings - Mans

Counting to Infinity - Mans

Competitive Frog Sexing - Mans

Actual Snakes and Ladders - Lawblog

Blade Running - Fozzy

Knife Tasting (with knives) - Mans

Space Yahtzee - JeffSundin

Fang Race to Murder Valley - Fozzy

Space Backgammon - JeffSundin

Hop Single Malt Scotch - Lawblog

Ultimate Frisbieber - kelburrows

Competitive Barfing - Fozzy

Eagle Booting (strap an eagle to each foot and fly-race) - Fozzy

Jai alai. With fire. And robots. - kawiller

Tractor Beam Pull - Fozzy

Competitive Ovulation - Mans

Gulf - Lawblog

Spelling - Mans

Fryathalon - Lawblog

Endurance Watching How I Met Your Mother - Fozzy

Extreme Beach Cleanup - duskypanther

Zero-G Hopscotch - murraynmitch

All Your Baseball Are Belong To Us - Fozzy

Trolling - Lawblog

Actual Life - duskypanther

Vulcan Death Golf - kelburrows

Rainbow Doubling - Lawblog

Assing - Fozzy

World's Strongest Robot Competition - Fozzy

Antoine Dodgeball - kelburrows

Mystery Butt - Lawblog

Mixed Martial Farts - Fozzy

Extreme Laser Toilet Dump Deathmatch - FrankLloydWrong

Mashing a Curtis Mayfield Song with a Huey Lewis Album - FrankLloydWrong

Zombie Slalom - Fozzy

Hop Butterscotching - kelburrows

Mole-People Tossing - Lawblog

Going to Bed - Lawblog

Peanut Butter Jelly Time Trials - jawnofthedead


  1. Time catch
    Roller fucking
    Curling spacetime

  2. Oh man, I almost forgot. Mounty tweeted "Eff it, I'm gonna just stick my entire butt out the window and pee" (she was stuck in traffic) and Girl Philosopher re-tweeted it with a #futuresport hash tag. I LOL'ed heartily over that one.

  3. You forgot the one that started it all: HAWK DOME!

  4. thekelburrows, i think you might be my favorite monster of all time. ALL TIME. (and not just because you called out my retweet, only like 65% that. The other 35% for "bicurious-athalon.")