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Monday, February 14, 2011

Monster Movie Club: Tell No One

Tell No One
Think of your favorite music albums. I would bet that most of them are not concept albums. I bet most of them are collections of great songs bundled together. Sure there might be an unifying theme, but for the most part you can just listen to a song or two at random and still get the same enjoyment as if you were to listen to the whole thing. Tell No One is like that. Sure, it’s also a thriller with psycheee out twists and a long story, but that is not what makes it great.  The movie works because unlike most modern thrillers, it builds on the characters before the action get underway.  This could have easily gone very wrong. Think cookie cutter, Ashley Judd & Tyler Perry wrong.  Maybe the movie could have been shorter, but then it would have to cut one of two things: the utilitarian, move it along scenes or the simple artistic snippets which are sprinkled throughout.
The point is this: Tell No One has some great scenes. Take the opening  for example.  (Light spoilers & such)

 These are actually 3 different scenes tied by Otis Redding's For Your Precious Love. The sequence plays like the end of a fairy tale with the music accentuating a dream-like flow. The first scene is ignorant bliss, the second is ambivalence and the third is nostalgic acknowledgment. It end with abruptly
 There's also a sequence where the protagonist is being a sad-sack, listening to Jeff Buckley's Lilac Wine. We see the agony of facing the death of  a loved one, then we see the protagonist struggling to come back to life to treat a baby(I wish i could say this more poetically because this shit is the best 2 minutes in film history[in the past 10 years]). Anyways, if I had time to make a gif out of this I would, and it would win Werttrew's annual Gif award at the end of the year.
This is a pretty good deep cut too. In fact this is just written in to tie a loose end, but instead of just doing a quick utilitarians scene, we are treated to the most interesting  Yahoo log in scene ever put to film. U2's With or without you plays as this happens.

Fuck it, since I'm drinking 20 dollar beer and already on Tell No One's dick, let me mention the chase scene. It is the best action scene I've seen in a while. It comes off as an allegory to chaos coming down on the protagonist, and it makes up what it lack in explosions with realism.

 The end is pretty.


By the way, the movie will most likely be ruined in the near future, so watch it now.
Winter’s Bone next Wednesday.

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  1. I remember totally LOVING this movie when I saw it years ago, and now I want to see it again. Thanks for reminding me!