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Monday, February 28, 2011

Monster Fit Club: Week Nine

What a week! I am so tired! I just started a new job and I have some crazy hours, but it means I have more daytime hours...TO NAP! Today I took my first nap since college, and it was really nice. But enough about naps, Let's weigh in!

This week I lost 1 lb. I have a 13 lbs. total loss. I am 7 lbs. away from my 20 lb. goal. I have 3 weeks until my birthday, and I really want to make my goal by then. Time to kick into high gear!

I plan to do this by switching up my workout routine. Since I have more time on my hands during the day, I am going to start P90X. If you haven't seen the totally addictive infomercials, P90X is 90 day home fitness program that promises to whip you into shape. They aren't lying either! The workouts are pretty tough and they are different everyday, so you don't get bored. Only problem is you have 6 workouts per week, and they are all 1 hour or more. Needless to say, you need to have plenty of time to be able to do this.

P90X says it gets you into to shape by using "Muscle Confusion":

P90X uses targeted training phases so your body keeps adapting and growing. You'll never "plateau"—which means your body will never get used to the routines, making improvements slow down or even stop.

Also, the program has three different tracks that you can choose from depending on your fitness goals. The first one is Classic. I did this one last time I did P90X which was about a year ago, and it really whoops your butt! This is the one to choose if you want to get "RIPPED". Next is Doubles, which just gives you additional cardio in addition to the Classic plan. Finally, there is Lean, which will be the track I am doing this time around. This one is less intense and focuses more on cardio for "maximum weight loss."

Here's a fun video:

So how did you do this week? Put your comments and suggestions in the comments and let's discuss!

New? Make sure to tell us your goals and motivations. Good luck!

DISCLAIMER: As always, please consult with a doctor before starting any diet or weight loss program. MOBFD is not responsible for you having a heart attack or anything.


  1. Oh boy did I have a great week. I'm now down 19 pounds!

    I'm a little surprised by how fast it's happened. Maybe it's because the weight I lost was the excess put on after an injury, and now I'm back to my "normal" weight? Does that make it go faster? I don't know. What do I look like, Dr. Weightloss Explainer? All I know is that it feels great.

    I tried on the wedding dress I'm wearing for my beach ceremony.. and... she fits! Also, my mom insisted I get a different dress for the reception that doesn't look so "beachy." That one looks great too! I'd love to lose another 20 pounds before July, but anything from here on out is just gravy.

    An update on Alli: I definitely credit Alli with helping me lose faster. However, if you decide to try it, you can expect a serious stomachache after you eat something even a little too fatty, even if you don't take the pill with that meal. So, that was fun to learn the hard way. It makes special occasion meals harder to plan for, but I'm still not scared off of using it all together.

    Has anyone actually used P90X for the full 90 days? Looks scary.

  2. I'm down roughly 20 lbs, but I haven't been exercising so I'm still flabby. I have the p90x videos on my computer, but I am afraid that using them will cut down on my procrastination time.

  3. OMG, Shell! That is so great! I can't wait to see the dress.

    The first time, I did P90X, I did the first 45 days or so, but then I stopped b/c I got a job that took most of time, so I was always to tired to do it. Also, I think doing the Lean track will be easier to stick with since it is more cardio based and I do alot of cardio anyway. I'll do my best to do the 90 days.

    And good for you, Godsauce! You should be my P90X buddy!

  4. I finished the full 90 days of P90X and I can attest to the fact that a) OUCH I AM STILL SORE b) it is awesome and c) by the end, I was almost as strong as my character in GOOL.

    Go get 'em!!!

  5. I've only done a few p90x workouts -at the. Time I worked out 4 hours, 3 times a week and ran 10 miles another 3 days # brag- and I can tell you they work. If you want to get fit fast and not spend 4 hours at the gym, they are probably the way to go.

    Having taken the last year off from regular excercise (thank you vg) I signed up for a marathon in may. My first long run is this sunday(10 miles). I'm pretty confident right now, but its been a while since I ran more than 13 miles. Hopefully I can keep up since I m nowhere near the shape I was in last time.

    My mileage this week is 5 3 6 3 & 10

  6. So last week I was going to take it up a notch and go for a very ambitious 3.2? I got to 2.6lbs for a total of 11.4lbs. Given how far along I am and still losing this much in a week is great, especially since before MFC I was plateauing like crazy. I could have made it, but was half-assing it during the weekend.

    This week is going to be tough, because while I'm going to excercise my ass off the next few days, this weekend is carnival over here in the Germanic countries (you know, like Mardi Gras), which means drinking, partying, sleep (maybe), repeat. Plus, my gym is closed most of the time. So hopefully I can lose over a pound the next couple of days and not gain anything back during the weekend.

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  8. Ok guys. I had a very serious injury breaking my left foot and seriously injuring the right in early January. This injury cost me my job, too, so I should really have nothing but time to eat right and exercise. Obviously the exercise was pretty out of the question. I really don't know how to do anything other than run/walk. Its very confusing. I've been eating shit for the past couple months since I've been out of work. I WANT TO LOSE 26ish pounds by the end of May. Possible? Altering my diet should be a good start.

  9. @McEllen:

    Of course it's possible. Given the results posted above have been gotten in eight weeks, end May - about twelve weeks- you should be able to lose more than that. Obviously you have a serious injury that prevents you from a lot ofoptions, try working on the body parts you can, like upper body and core strength. Maybe some small weights, sit-ups, whatever you can. Changing your diet is certainly a great first step.

    You should reread the previous entries of Fit Club, it has some great ideas how to start improving your lifestyle so that you can lose weight and keep it off in the long run. My own tip: make it a competition. Get a friend, family member, even fellow Monster to see who can lose the most weight in a set period. It really helped me when first started out trying to lose weight. Now I just want to lose more weight than other Monsters.

    Anyway, you should repost your questions again in the new MFC on Monday, posting kinda dies out after Tuesdays. Having the Monsters give you personal feed-back will give you more motivation to go for it!