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Thursday, March 3, 2011

I got #Hazed: A Monster Takes One For The Team

When a native son returns home to glory, he is typically graced with a hero's welcome. And there was no return more victorious than superstar wordsmith Chet Haze.

I arrived to the show about 30 minutes to curtain, and the mood was palpable among the 10s of onlookers and fans who were awaiting their shit to be blown out. Apparently there was some fashion show going on too, but clearly this was prelude to Chet's signature (and FIRST!) performance.

At first, the lights went down, and this monster was ready to be taken away to a life of easy living, blunts, and girlies in my ride. But it was just some people talking, about what? Idk, not important.

Apparently there was some fashion show for Waa Mu, the former bank now turned Greek house. Whatever that means. Anyway, they went away soon enough, and finally it was time. Chet's super dope DJ came out, and it was time.

Chet arrived on stage with impeccable swag, as you would imagine any son of an Academy Award winner would. Getting the crowd going was simple, as they were already screaming with anticipation. He opened with fittingly with the first track from his mixtape "Easy Ryder". The crowd was pleased to say the least.

From there, he had the crowd hooked, so he knew what it was. Time to kill them with his monster hit "White and Purple"

I know, I know. I was there.

Then almost cruelly, Chet emerged saying he'd be back. So we had to sit through more of the Fashion Show while the audience caught its breath.

But Chet didn't tease us too long. He was back on stage, and he brought a friend, New York's own Michael Rapaport*!!!

They were on stage for a raucous performance of "Adios Motherfucker". Talk about Soundbombing. Common is so jealous right now**. This performance was probably his best of the night and, truth be told, had the crowd singing as they walked out the auditorium.

It was three songs in all, but it felt like an eternity. I don't want to brag, but now I can be like those hipsters who say, I saw them way back when.

*May or may not be Michael Rapaport

**If you get this Soundbombing II reference. +10 points for you. 1-9-9-9 is ill right?


  1. Chet Haze = Tom Hanks' Ultimate Prank

  2. Truly, everyone here is a motherfucking wild cat.

  3. This post is cramazing!

  4. The last time I got hazed I ended up suing and making mad cash money. I support his message.

  5. Oh this is great!!!!!!! I loved the part where Michael Rapaport stood in front of a green screen and told a monologue which explained the subtext of the day's events.

  6. principal enchmanMarch 3, 2011 at 11:10 PM

    I'm in tears JD. You can caption with the best of them.

  7. You, sir, are a true gentleman.

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  9. Rawkus Records' Soundbombing vol2 was my favorite record for a long long time... so, +10 for Just Desserts for having great taste and 10 more for getting HAZED and living to tell the tale !

  10. The best part is, I went to high school with the super dope G6 DJ. She doesn't look all that excited about this.