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Saturday, March 5, 2011

No Paparazzo-O: B I N G O

There have been a few celebrity sightings in the last several months that I've been reluctant to share with you Monsters, because the very thought of having to confront the MASSIVE FAILURE (a culturally divisive opinion, I'm sure) that was JJ Abrams' Lost has been somewhat crippling, to say the least. I WANT THOSE SIX YEARS OF MY LIFE BACK! But this isn't about me. This is about YOU, and how much you care about celebrities. So let's do this...

In November or December I #literally (hashtag, not pound - Thekelburrows) almost ran into Naveen Andrews, aka Sayid.

He was grocery shopping in the Gelson's in Pacific Palisades near my parents' house and WORE HIS SUNGLASSES THE WHOLE TIME. What an asshole. J/K. Seriously though, take off your shades when you're indoors and DEAL WITH IT.

A little while later, while out with fellow Monster Manooshi having Pho, I saw Emile de Ravin, aka Claire.

It was cold and miserable out as L.A. winters can be brutal with their overcast and rain and 50 degrees fahrenheit. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. What I'm trying to say is, she was looking a bit rough, was probably sick (a euphemism for 'on drugs' because ALL celebrities are on drugs, right?!? Right.), and in need of some hot soup.

Which brings us to last night. I was at The Edison in downtown (one again, with Manooshi) and who should I see walk right by us in a trench coat, CREEPIN'?

Michael Emerson, aka Ben.

People, If I wasn't the lady that I am, I would have sharted. HE IS STILL SO CREEPY! But I will say that one scene in which Ben was all like, "Who will have me?" and Ilana was like, "I'll have you." And he followed her out of the jungle - that scene got me right in the heart (YES, I HAVE ONE) and made me want to hug Ben, which kind of makes me creepy?

Anyway, I got to thinking and you know how Bingo cards are usually 5x5 squares? Well, if I count the one time several years ago when I saw Maggie Grace, aka Shannon (R.I.P. - well... R.I.P. all of them, right? OH FUCK YOU DAMON LINDELOF AND CARLTON CUSE!) walking around on the Universal lot, then I am ONE sighting away from calling Lost bingo! Hooray for me. That's if I don't kill myself from POST-TRAUMATIC STRESS first!

Buh bye.


  1. I'M SORRY FOR BEING SO DAMN OLD THAT WHEN I SEE A # SIGN I THINK OF A PHONE AND NOT TWITTER! Do you kids even know that your iZune can make phone calls? DID YOU?? Instead of sexting on Myspace with your "homies" maybe you could use it to CALL YOUR MOTHER FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFETIME!

    Oops - gotta run, Murder She Wrote is starting!

  2. Henry Ian Cusick rode his bike not 15 feet away from me at the Kalapawai Market in Kailua, HI, and my mom has seen at least four recognizable cast members. But she lives in Hawaii, so LOST celebrity bingo is a little easier out there.

  3. I remember you sharing your Naveen Andrews story on a VG Mad Men thread! LOLz!