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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Great Taco Hunt: 2011: Part 2: Zapatista



First of all, the maitre'd' working the front was a jerk.  When I placed the order via phone, he hung up on me all quick, and as I asked him how long for the food order to be ready, I'm hearing Dial Tone. 20 minutes later, I go to pick up our food, and it's been cooling there ten minutes! WTF CUH?!?
Second, this place strives to be high end, which is reflected in the high end ingredients, the well thought decor, and the pricing. 
That said, these tacos were only OK. We each ate a Carne Asada, Tinga de Pollo, and a Pescado (Tillapia) taco, along with some Mexican Rice and Beans.
The Beans were a delicious Black bean refried mash, covered with chihuahua cheese. The Asada and Fish were both a bit dry, and revealed the mealiness of the corn tortillas. The fish did lack some flavor, and the bit of flavor that was charred into the flesh had to fight with the pickled peppers, onions and jalapenos. The Chicken was VERY flavorful (almost TOO Flavorful), and Juicy, and reminded me of a menudo crammed into a shell. But the Shell fell apart because it was saturated with juicy chicken juice. 
This place does a decent job, but they really should work harder to justify a 10 dollar three taco rice and bean setup. Asada - 3.5/5, Chicken - 3/5, Fish - 3.5/5

Ditto what DS said. The beef and fish were dry. I liked the chicken. Cool story, Shell. Let's talk about poo. If you read my MFC entries, which of course you do, you're probably concerned about how this is affecting my poo. I'll K.I.T. as things "develop." Asada 2/5 Chicken 4/5 Fish 2/5

Tommy P:
I date a lot of older women so I'm used to dried out tacos. However, when you're paying big bucks (I didn't actually contribute any money to the taco fund this week. Shhhhh.), you'd expect these tacos to POP. I was not impressed with Zapatista. The fish taco's pickled vegetables overpowered the flavor of the fish, which by itself, was very juicy and delicious. The Carne Asada taco was like eating a corn sponge with bits of meat in it, and the chicken taco had some good flavor, but again, the tortillas completely drowned out the taste completely. (Editor's note: I'm a little drunk. I blame Shellbomber and her persuasive ways. She forced me to drink all this beer! Ugh! How dare she!) I'm not drunk enough, though, to say BOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Asada - 2/5. Chicken - 3/5. Fish - 3/5.

Just Desserts:
POP POP!!!!! But really, these tacos were not as good as Magnitude would have you believe. The overall quality of ingredients were dope. On a scale of dopes it was two and a half dopes. But the seasoning was v bland. I am not drunk, which is a good thing (ask Girl Philospher, she's aware of my capabilities). To supplement the lack of flavoring, they overloaded the tacos with peppers and other veggies. I see right though you Zapatista.  The tortillas were also not there, Joaquin Phoenix. #drakerhymes Anyway. I was disappointed. The chicken was a bright spot though. Asada -2/5. Chicken - 4/5. Fish - 2/5

MOBFD Score:
Asada 9.5/20
Chicken: 14/20
Fish: 10.5/20


  1. Chris, I think they're on

  2. There are some delicious tacos available in Atlanta. Y'all should all come down and try them. Maybe I can get Richard Blais to freeze a taco in liquid nitrogen for you or something. I'll have to become friends with Richard Blais first, so give me at least five days.