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Monday, March 14, 2011

Monster Fit Club: Week 11

First of all, let me apologize on my late post. I know we typically do these in the AM, but I had a busy weekend and a busy day today, so just deal with it, people.

Time to face the scale!

This week I lost 1 lbs. I have a 14 lbs. total loss. I am 6 lbs. away from my 20 lb. goal.

P90X continues to kick my ass, and Pervy--*AHEM*--I mean, Tony Horton continues to make me bust out laughing in the middle of a workout. As far as eating goes, I continue to abide by my calorie guidelines. It's time for me to go to the store though, because I am have been at the point for a few days where I am not eating the healthiest options because I am out of food! I need to get my fresh on, you guys.

Anyway, this weekend is my birthday, so I am kind of budgeting my calories right now so that I can eat a shitload of pizza and cake, and drink lots of wine!

So how did you do this week? Put your comments and suggestions in the comments and let's discuss!

New? Make sure to tell us your goals and motivations. Good luck!

DISCLAIMER: As always, please consult with a doctor before starting any diet or weight loss program. MOBFD is not responsible for you having a heart attack or anything.


  1. I stayed true to my diet guidelines I set for myself and was feeling pretty good! My mother brought me wine and fried cheese on friday. :( I drank one small glass of wine and all the cheese. Warily measured myself the and have lost 3lbs this week. YAY! Been trying to do what exercise I can on my injured feet. My arms are gonna be strong!

  2. I injured both of my feet yesterday at karaoke, and have been forced to suspend my exercise until I can comfortably walk again. I feel like I'm gaining all of the weight I lost back while I sit on my ass. :(

  3. Oh, you guys! What is it with Monsters and foot injuries?! That sucks, Godsauce. As long as you follow your eating plan, you should at least mantain.

    Great job on the weight loss, McEllen!

  4. I jumped from a high stage during a particularly entertaining performance of Take On Me. It was epic.

  5. See, that sounds like it was worth the resulting injury. There were no witnesses to my epic foot incident, thank god.

  6. Yeah, Godsauce, that seems like the injury was worth it!

  7. No foot injuries here (please don't kick me out of MFC, guys!) but lots of knee and wrist pain. As a result, last week was pretty much a bust for me for working out. I'm just saying, if anyone wants to buy stock in Ace bandages, this may or may not be insider training.

  8. Surprisingly I lost 1.4 pounds last week, despite eating three pieces of cake in one day. However, seeing my standings in our office "Biggest Loser" contest really kicked my ass into gear (I am in the bottom three). Weigh-in is tomorrow, so we'll see how I did. Pretty sure I did well, though, because my clothes are looser. My exercise sucked this week, but I definitely focused on eating smaller portions and healthier food. This week my goal is to really focus on getting in exercise at least three times and continuing to eat smaller portions of healthy foods. Wheeeee!!!!