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Monday, March 14, 2011

R.I.P. Your Productivity

Hi again! How are you? Please tell me in the comments how you are in the comments. I bet you did not think I really wanted to know how you are, but then then I was all "I am very serious about this very serious issue." I am the new King of Pranks. Get out of here Tom Pranks!* But seriously, let's get down to not business.

Infectonator: World Dominator
Do you like zombies? Of course you do! Would you like to help them TAKE OVER THE WORLD? Then this is the game for you (what is this, an infomercial?)! You can upgrade your zombies and get special ones to help you take down those pesky humans. It should take you a good couple of hours to beat the whole game and zombie impose  your zombie law so it is a wonderful time sink.
PS: The site I linked to was being slow for me but you get bonus stuff when you play there. If you need another site please go here.

Hoshi Saga
A simple game of finding stars on every stage. However, while some levels are so easy it is ridiculous, some are brain-hemorrhagingly difficult. Each level is it's own unique puzzle with different rules which keeps it fun throughout. It is not super long but luckily, there are four sequels to keep you busy.
Pandemic 2
The ultimate time waster. Each game of this takes at least an hour (usually) to complete and you will more than likely need a butt ton of playthroughs to beat win. In this game, you develop a virus to kill everyone in the world (two games about this in one week. You guys, I am worried about Mr. Adventureman!). As I said, it is super long and often the games can be very passive so have something else to do in the meantime. Despite this, it is actually very fun and extremely satisfying. Here is a tip to help you win: choose parasite for low visibility and resistances, sell all your symptoms to decrease the likelyhood of people noticing, and then, when enough people are infected (at least a few in every country is good), buy a bunch of the deadliest symptoms you can get.

Once again, I have a theme for these videos, which is that the bands are from around where I live!
So here they are. Enjoy! (I will be putting music from these bands up on Subsonic just so you know)

Mother Mother - Body of Years
This is probably one of the more accessible things I will be posting, but that does not make it any less good. Why would you even think that? God, sometimes I can't even believe you.** Check out their sophomore album (does typing this mean I'm smart now?) O My Heart. There was a two month period of my life where it was all I would listen to. Pie good.

 Wolf Parade - I'll Believe in Anything
They aren't based around here, but 2 of 3 members are from the island (the other just lives on the mainland), and one of them is actually from my town (it's a big deal because I live in a pretty small town, you probably haven't heard of it)! Super cool.
I had two more band that were going to be in this but my brother stole one, and the other wasn't actually from here, I was just being crazy.

I, for one, welcome our nude, benevolent raccoon rulers.***

Garfield Minus Garfield
It's funny how taking Garfield out of Garfield makes it a MILLION times better. Hilarious and depressing at the same time.

That's all for this week, and as always, R.I.P. Your Productivity.
*I will be channeling my inner Paul F. Tompkins throughout this post. Just so you know.
**See? This is what I was talking about.
***This one is just a reference. Please see the Pod F. Tompkast episode 7.