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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Hey there monsters! There have been talks going around about possibly doing a MOBFD podcast. I say enough talks. Lets do this thing! I would like to compile any audio submissions that monsters may have and put them together with introductions and interludes. i will host and have guest hosts if any one has audio recording capabilities + skype. soooo.......ideas for submissions:

original songs (either funny or not)


comedy pieces

audio versions of MOBFD segments

what ever you want to do.

please send all audio submissions and or questions to

please send in the highest quality mp3 you can. if you require more space than can be emailed let me know.




  1. Principal EnchmanMarch 13, 2011 at 5:21 PM

    Cool beans!

  2. I hope Nick Madson and Chet Haze can participate #gethazed

  3. I like your e-mail address a lot.

  4. This seems a good place to suggest this also: perhaps a monster postcard exchange? Everyone likes getting mail, and postcards are mail PLUS PICTURES. One person (a trustworthy monster) could assign recipients, so only one person would have access to the addresses.
    (I'm willing to volunteer to do the heavy lifting, if there ends up being interest).

  5. When I revamp the subsonic server I can post and host em.

  6. When are these due? I need to record my horrible voice for you.

  7. Lets make the due date the end of each month