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Sunday, March 13, 2011

#WeNamedOurCatTomClancy #WeNamedOurCatJudithButler

Judith Butler is on top of the fridge again - BabyFriday
Whew, Tom Clancy has some serious gas tonight. - Teacherman
Oh Tom Clancy, stop licking your butt! - Teacherman
Clearly Tom Clancy is Team Mystery Butt - KelBurrows
Judith Butler keeps throwing up in my favorite shoes. - ThisIsMyNightmare
Uh oh, Judith Butler done got knocked up. - KelBurrows
Judith Butler is giving birth to kittens in the garage. - BabyFriday

Hi gang, as some of ya'll may have I heard, I was in Atlanta (hence the gratuitous ya'll usage) this weekend for business and had the opportunity to spend an evening with Videogum power couple The TeacherFridays as well as semi-celebrity Videogum guest-blogger and hitter of celebrity men, ThisIsMyNightmare. Sadly, there was no full Monster meetup to be had as both Nightmare and I were exhausted and the thought of even straying from the couch to refill our cocktail glasses was daunting enough (spoiler alert: Teach made a lot of trips to the kitchen to keep the liquid fun flowing). This post is not intended to be a full recap of said visit but there was a point in the evening where we were laughing ourselves into a collective hysterical fit and realized that we were playing a best new party game - a REAL best new party game like at a real party with real people and it seriously was, in fact, the best. I extend my apologies to all Monsters involved, given that the game was *gasp* spoken rather than Tweeted and the fact that my brain is not particularly photogenic (seriously guys, my brain always looks so fat in pictures), I've probably butchered and mis-attributed 80% of these. Rest assured my intentions are simply to capture the moment as best I can because HOLY SHIT was it funny.

Do you think Don DeLillo or Leon Uris from across the street knocked up Judith Butler? - Teacherman
Remember that time we took Tom Clancy to get his balls loped off? Oh man, he did NOT see that coming. - KelBurrows
Oh, Tom Clancy your last novel was such a disappointment. Bad kitty! - Teacherman
You guys, I think Tom Clancy might have mange. - ThisIsMyNightmare
Tom Clancy has gotten into the sticker burr patch again. - KelBurrows
Ah fuck it, I'm going to shave Tom Clancy. - BabyFriday*
I hate when I am trying to use my laptop and Judith Butler jumps in my lap and won't let me type. - KelBurrows
Tom Clancy killed another squirrel and left him on the door step. -ThisIsMyNightmare
Sometimes Judith Butler just stares outside the window for hours. I wonder what she is thinking about? - Teacherman
You might think Tom Clancy would kind of an asshole, but he can be so sweet when he cuddles up and you rub his neck and he just purrs and purrs - Baby Friday
If you rub Judith Butler's belly she'll make air biscuits. It's adorbes! -ThisIsMyNightmare

* - We declared this one the winner and I said outloud "Have fun at The Ball, BabyFriday"


  1. I've been meaning to ask when there would be a southeast monster meet up since all the other meet ups make me jealous! I'm regularly in Atlanta to visit friends and family. I'm actually in ATL as I type this.

    Let's make this happen as long as it involves no actual effort on my behalf!

  2. @kittensmash--definitely! We're almost always here, so just let us know when you'll be in town!

    Also, my all-time favorite "Tom Clancy" jokes are:

    "Tom Clancy woke me up at 3 a.m. this morning crying at the back door to be let out!"


    "We had to lock Tom Clancy in the bedroom during the dinner party, because he smelled our shrimp and wouldn't stop begging and crying."

    I like any of them that make Tom/Judith sound like we're holding them captive.

  3. I should have mentioned that all of these lines are awesome.

    My faves:

    "Sometimes Judith Butler just stares outside the window for hours. I wonder what she is thinking about?" - Teacherman

    and the above mentioned

    "Tom Clancy woke me up at 3 a.m. this morning crying at the back door to be let out!" - one of four monsters

    Anyway, I got sidetracked by the Atlanta reference. It's nice to know there are other monsters in such close proximity!

    I'll show up in chat or something before I go to ATL next time. Also, I can always be reached at my "name" at gmail. My life is currently kind of crazy for reasons that I'm detailing in an upcoming post, but I expect to be back in ATL within a month or less.


  4. Also another favorite: "Oh man, Judth Butler's breath smells like tuna!"

    Also, we totes need a gigandor meet up for the Southern monsters. Let's get the ball rolling on that!