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Monday, March 14, 2011

Insomniac with The Narrator: PhotoShop

Who has two thumbs and an unhealthy sleep schedule, this guy! It’s 5:30 AM and Thisismynightmare has just left for work. I’m still here as awake as ever. For those of you who missed my first post. This is “Insomniac with The Narrator.” I have (self-diagnosed) onset insomnia …… for the most part I can fight to go to sleep, so it doesn’t really affect me in my day to day operations. However, on weekends or when I have nothing to do the next day, I don’t bother fighting and just let it take me on crazy late night adventures.

OK, you got me. Adventures are a little bit of an overstatement. I watch TV, play video games and surf the internet. However, that’s not what I am bringing to you this day. One of my new favorite things to do, now that I’m a Monster, is to play on Photoshop. I especially like to Photoshop other monsters in what I consider funny situations. I mean most ordinary things become funny once you stick a friend’s avatar in it, or at least it is funny to me. So tonight I pulled out some of what I consider my “greatest hits” in picture creation and I also made some new ones just for this post. Two of these pictures were inspired by the riveting first season of everyone’s favorite MOBFD post “Gums of Our Lives.”
Here are some oldies but goodies.

Of course everyone recognizes this epic rip off of Paper St. Soap Co.’s Monsters’ Ball picture? This was my first attempt with Photoshop and this picture also earned me my first appearance in the Monsters’ Ball. This picture took me straight to the bottom of the top with a fifth highest rated comment. Which was more than I expected, I just put sunglasses on everyone (Except Jawn of the Dead… bad) and some type face.

The next picture was commissioned by my wife (Thisismynightmare, if you don’t know already). It was never actually posted. This picture was to poke some fun at the fact that Monsters in general are pretty accepting people. I’ve never felt excluded and have yet to purposely exclude anyone but that didn’t stop an epic battle in the comments about cliques ruining commenting. And yes, I did Photoshop Amy Poehler’s head on to Amy Poehler’s body.

Ok this next picture is my personal favorite. A lot of work went into making sure that all the parts of the car were appropriate. The steering wheel, car seats, rear view mirror and those dam windshield wipers all had to be carefully selected. One thing I like about making pictures with monsters is using the avatars in different ways. For example, in this picture, it is set up so Frank Lloyd Wrong appears to be a back seat driver.

Ok, that is it for the old stuff and all my little introductions of each picture. Here are the new images I made tonight.

I lied, one more introduction. I truly enjoyed every post of Gum of Our Lives this season and hope that Lawblog will pick it up for a second season in the future. This picture is what put me on a Photoshop frenzy tonight, so if you liked any of the previous pictures you have this one to thank.


I’m not sure how Gums will end, but one thing is for sure, all those hybrids about to crash down my door are going to be in for a surprise because I don’t sleep.

Thank you for reading and looking. If you like these pictures let me know! Tweet me (@The_Narrator__) or leave a comment. If you have anything that you would like to see Photoshopped, if I haven’t included you, send me a message and link to your Videogum profile! I’ll be glad to try and include you if I do another round of pictures anytime soon, which mostly depends on this post getting a good reaction.


  1. No worries on the lack of shades, Narrator. I stand by my statement that it makes me the loner outcast rebel of v-gum.(no, not really) My next mission is to NOT be mentioned in GOOL. ;)

  2. This is unbelievable. I'm going to have to try to figure out a way to print this out poster-sized. I am in awe.

  3. What is it about you putting me in uniform?!

  4. This is amazing. Although, for the record, I picked no sides in Mystery Butt v. Toilet Dump.

    Also, there will now have to be a mexican standoff between huck and DSN next season.

  5. Mystery Butt v. Toilet Dump literally just made me laugh til I cry. UNREAL AWESOME THE BEST.

  6. I knew that fucking panther was out to get me!