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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Monster Roundup: SXSW Edition

I love music festivals but I hate deciding what bands to see. It's just to much pressure I tells ya. Let me help you decide with some monster related bands:
OG Videogum commenter TV Party is a member of Ringo Deathstarr. I'm no music critic, so the only thing I'll say is that they remind me of the last hours of a really pleasant mushroom trip. Perhaps one where you are hanging out with some great friends, drinking tea or Guinness and the chair you are sitting on turns into a hippopotamus. Your grandma brings you snacks (I love my grandma, I don't know about you). They will be playing the following dates:
March 16th - Palm Door @ 3pm
- The Eastern @ 6:50pm
March 17th - Backspin Records In-Store 4pm
- Easty Bound Get Down - 8pm
March 18th -  Easy Tiger @ 11pm SXSW Showcase
March 19th -  Converntion Center @ 4:15pm Speed Sets
- Spiderhouse @ 7:30 free! w/Trail of Dead
March 20th - Cheer Up Charlie's @ 2pm
Here's a couple of their latest videos:

Stereogum will throw two parties:
Thursday March 17th
711 Red River Street (between 7th & 8th)
3:00 PM Veronica Falls
3:45 PM Liturgy
4:30 PM Soft Moon
5:15 PM Moon Duo
6:00 PM Human Eye
7:00 PM Slug Guts
7:45 PM Chelsea Wolfe
8:30 PM Anika DJ Set
9:15 PM Amen Dunes
10:45 PM Cult of Youth
11:30 PM Pop. 1280
12:15 AM TRUST
1:00 AM Zola Jesus

PureVolume House
Saturday at 11:30pm - March 20 at 4:00am  504 Trinity Street
Puro Instinct
Owen Pallett
Das Racist
Gold Panda
Open Bar
And you can also peep their 32 Must See Bands List for SXSW 2011

Poolboypip's lurker boyfriend Murderbot will be playing at:
03/17 KVRXplosion SXSW Showcase @ Cheer Up Charlie's
03/18 Broken Teeth SXSW Showcase @ Loft718 3:15 PM
03/19 Reggie's Rock Club SXSW Showcase @ The Jackalope 12:00 PM
(all showcases are unofficial&free)

MOBFD's favorite rapper, Chet Haze, will be performing here at some point on Saturday at District 301. This will be Mr. Haze's second show ever and his first outside his University.

There will also be a monster brunch at Frank Restaurant on Saturday & you can keep track of the events with Doctor Girlfriend & Garbage Face's Twitters.

If I forgot anything please leave it in the comments.

Outside Stuff
ScottGum confirmed the date for the Videogum 3rd anniversary Celebration in New york. As you might know, someone started an official Gabe Delahaye site. There you can find links to his pre-gum blog and other stuff Gabe-related. If you've visited the site in the past you might know that Gabe wrote a novel & that you can download it for free. Werttrew uncovered Gabe talking to the New York Observer about it. Uncovered!

Gabe also has a Facebook fan-page started by DS3M. Speaking of Facebook, Grace6697 has started a very noble cause for the advancement of humanity and the preservation of mother earth, please join. Birdie Also has a fanpage. MOBFD facepage coming soonish.

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