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Monday, March 28, 2011

Monster Fit Club: Week 13

I am a so proud of everyone for sticking with the program, and I want to congratulate you on your results. HOWEVER, I have noticed that participation has been trailing off over the past month or so. If you will, please allow me to channel Coach Taylor for a moment...

Weight loss is a long difficult journey, and I know sometimes we all get off track, but you shouldn't give it up. If you are embarrassed that you fell off the wagon, don't be. It happens. You think it's easy?! IT'S NEVER BEEN EASY! (Now, I am John Locke instead of Coach Taylor!...back to Taylor...) Don't quit on me, don't quit on yourself. Fuck, I am just going to hand the reigns over to the man himself. Keep in mind, all these people are crying because you haven't come back to MFC.


This week I lost 1 lbs. I have a 15 lbs. total loss. I am 5 lbs. away from my 20 lb. goal.

I had set a 2 lb. goal for the week, which I am sad to have missed, but I think I had a successful week overall. I stayed under my calorie budget, and got in all my workouts. Also, I am able to keep up with the P90X workouts much better now. My soreness that I had been experiencing since I started the program finally started to wear off this week. Anyway, I feel pretty good about the week. I was also very proud that all week, I exceeded my protein intake goals and stayed under my carb intake goals.

Another thing that happened this week was that I dropped a zero and got with a hero. By this I mean, I ditched my Lose It app on my iPhone and got on the train. OMG, you guys! I fucking love it. I regret not listening to Shellbomber earlier.

Let me tell you why it is the bee's knees:

1.) Like Lose It, you log your foods, but what makes it better is that the food database is endless. I was always having to add foods with Lose It, but with this everything is already in there.

2.) When you complete your day, it tells you what track you are on in your weight loss. For example, "If every day was like today, you would weigh ___lbs. by [date]." It is a little extra encouragement at the end of the day, and keeps your eye on the prize.

3.) There is a social networking aspect of it which I think is great for MFC. You can make status updates, and it lets you know how your friends are progressing. Just like here, you don't have to share your actual weight, just your progress in number of pounds lost.

4.) The website is very user friendly, and there's and app for that!

If you are already using MFP, leave your user name in the comments or tweet me. I want to compile a list to post here on MOBFD. My user name is Thisismynightmare. Add me!

Seriously, you guys, I think EVERYONE should be using this. So I am adding a new blurb to end of all these posts...

If you are new to MFC, I strongly recommend you use to keep track of your calorie needs and to connect with other Monsters.

So how did you do this week? Put your comments and suggestions in the comments and let's discuss!

New? Make sure to tell us your goals and motivations. Good luck!

DISCLAIMER: As always, please consult with a doctor before starting any diet or weight loss program. MOBFD is not responsible for you having a heart attack or anything.



    I'm going switch up my eating schedule so I'm doing more low cal snacks instead of a small breakfast, a medium lunch, and a big dinner. I hope that gets the weight loss started again. I've stayed nearly steady for 4 weeks.

    My name in My Fitness Pal is mmd309

  2. I think my math is totally retarded or something because I always come to the conclusion on Mondays that I have lost 0lbs, but I distinctly remember doing a happy dance on Friday and saying "10lbs in 3 weeks so far!". So I am going to just be happy about that and not get my knickers in a twist over the 1.5lbs I gained this weekend.

    My username on MFP is McEllen

  3. I'm just joining the MFC. I started my diet 2 weeks ago and I've already lost 4 lbs (my goal is another 43 :( ) Hopefully being apart of MFC will keep me on track. Thanks guys

    My username on MFP is randilu25

  4. So I have decided to throw my flat-cap into the arena. I’ll probably begin a calorie counting tomorrow. I was exercising and dieting and in that time lost about 20 pounds. I have since fallen off the wagon. I know I haven’t gained back everything I lost, but I have gained some of it back. I have no real weight lost goal as of yet.

  5. I finally started using MyFitnessPal and that "If every day were like today... You'd weigh ___ lbs in 5 weeks" feature is all kinds of encouraging!