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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

R.I.P. Your Productivity: Midweek Edition

OMG LIKE WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT! That's right, friend-like people (e-friends if you will), you're getting a double hit of our sweet, sweet internet findings this week. So get ready, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, don't live in a glass house if you like to throw rocks, and let's gooooooooooooooooooooo!(?!)

For Your Brain
Haunt the House

Ooooooooooo, what fun (get it, 'cause ghosts)! In this game, you basically play as one of the people in Beatlejuice, in that you have to try and scare people out of your house. I don't know why though. Maybe I should spend more time getting to know ghosts. Oh well!

For Your Ears
 Fucked Up - Year of the Ox

Best New Album: The Ruby Suns - Sea Lion
BTW, these are not "new", I'm just assuming they're new to youz guyz. But anyways:
Very good. Very album. Purchase it here, and listen to the whole thang here.

For Your Eyes

I suppose this is kink of for your ears, but wowowow.

I guess the theme of these videos is being really awesome.

And finally, Videogum fave Paul F. Tompkins is recapping American Idol. It's great. Speaking of which, I hope you've been reading this in his voice, because that's how this sounds in my mind.

I guess that's it for know. See you on Monday! POGS!