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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pet Seminary by Godsauce's Little Baby Brother

I know that I am kind of pulling a scorched earth thing with this video, but my little brother made it, and I am in it, and I am super proud of him, and I want everybody to see it and love it and recommend it to other people and other websites, because I love him, and I think he has done a really amazing job with his friends in making this great video.

Some background info: this is a fake grindhouse trailer make as a part of a contest for the upcoming full length version of "Hobo with a Shotgun", which itself started as a fake trailer on the movie grindhouse. My brother is the guy with the ridiculous fake mustache. Also, the cat in the exorcism scene is Steve McQueen, who is better known on the internets as "MacGyver Cat".

Guess which character I play! No cheating!

Thank you for your indulgence. Now make everyone you know watch my brother's video!


  1. And cue the Youtube comments about animal

  2. Oh, they certainly will. Those animals were having a ball.

  3. That was GR8! All bow before Fr. Sauce.

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