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Sunday, March 27, 2011

R.I.P. Your Productivity: And We're Back!

Oh hai Monsters! You are tearing me apart Monsters (with your witty, carefully crafted jokez)! Perfect. Perfect reference. I am sure you have all perhaps, maybe, not actually really that likely, noticed that there was no new post of this on Monday. If you missed my explanation, allow me to inform you that there will be a make-up post on Wednesday. Huzzah, I'm sure.


Crush the Castle 2
Basically, it's an Angry Birds for iPod Touch/iPhone challenged people with an emphasis on timing. Sometimes it's hecka easy, sometimes it's ass-kickingly difficult but it is always awesome. Play number one here and the player pack here.

Toro y Moi - Still Sound
Perhaps the funkiest chillwave (shudder) song you will ever hear. Also, ghosts! Moustache twirling! Dog!
Radiohead - Reckoner (Julianna Barwick Mix)
A mellow, ethereal mix of an already fantastic song. Perfect to zone out to. "Envelop" off of Barwick's new album The Magic Place can be heard here.


You may have already seen this but it is the best of it's kind and I found some more. I imagine you would be able to spend a while finding others because there are SO MANY.

Zero Punctuation
A crude, fast-talking brit who reviews videogames. This is a bit for the nerds but they are chock full of clever visual puns and general hilarity that anyone should be able to enjoy it. NSFW so headphones UP! Sample video below.

That's all for this week. Sorry there weren't more jokes. As always, R.I.P. Your Productivity.


  1. Crush the Castle is great! Definitely a plus for those of us without Apple products.

  2. I can't tell you how many hours I've wasted in class playing Crush the Castle. So addicting.

  3. I very much enjoyed the Zero Punctuation video even though I am not a gamer. VISUAL PUNS FTW.