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Monday, March 28, 2011

R.I.P. Your Productivity: A Follow Up

Hello again. If you read the post from earlier today (and if not, what is problem? I cannot believe you sometimes! Geez Louise!), you may have seen that I forgot to link to something. Specifically the video gallery for the Zero Punctuation videos. I then thought to myself, "Oh! What a wonderful opportunity I have been presented here to write more for my favourite website!" -Something I definitely said out loud to myself for sure.
Please see some of my favourite videos after the jump. Once again, headphones UP!

Just as a warning: someone else does the the first bit of the next video and is REALLY bad at it (although they are wonderful in some other things) but once it switches back to the normal person, it is cramazing. It's internet. Jump into internet (carefully)!

New post on Wednesday!


  1. While I may not always agree with Yahtzee, I do so enjoy watching Zero Punctuation. His anger makes me joyful.

  2. ADDENDUM: Heh, I just noticed my other tab has Zero Punctuation queued up.