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Monday, March 28, 2011

No Paparazzo-O: I See You.

Welp, spring has sprung gang and it looks like all the celebrichickadees are hatched and recovered from their winter plastic surgeries coming out from under their golden goose mansions to bathe in the sunlight reflecting off of the camera lenses and what the hell am I even talking about anymore? LET'S DO THIS.

Several weeks ago I saw Zoe Saldana at a Mexican bar/restaurant in Silver Lake. You know Zoe, right?
In person, she #literally resembles her Center Stage character more so than the blue chick from Ferngullyatar.
Center Stage was not a good movie! But the dancing was cool when I was in high school.

Last week, I beat the world record of celebrity sightings in a single day and saw our old friends Naveen Andrews and Gillian Jacobs. Naveen was shopping in Gelson's again, but this time he wasn't wearing his sunglasses. SOMEONE READ MY MOBFD POST! And Gillian didn't give me her trademark "Sour Face" look. In fact she kinda smiled at me while her friend gushed over my shamelessly cute and well-mannered dogs (#explainabrag). HUZZAH FOR SECOND CHANCES!

Then the other day, I spotted Michael C. Hall window shopping (or actual shopping?) in Silver Lake. I don't watch Dexter because I'm simply too attached to him being David Fisher 4 Lyfe. Ya feel me?


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