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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Get 'er identified! -Larry the Label Guy -- thereallawblog

Get 'er mucked! -Larry the Stable Guy -- thereallawblog

Get 'em furred. Larry the Sable Guy -- mr_lloyd_wrong

I can get 'er done - Larry the Able Guy -- thereallawblog

Get 'em storied! -Larry the Fable Guy -- thereallawblog

Git'er in either v-neck or crew! - Larry the Cable-Knit Sweater Guy -- _wwwest

Get 'er planed! -Larry the Table Guy -- thereallawblog

Would you like lox or cream cheese- Larry The Bagel Guy -- muddymudskipper

Get 'em misspelled. - Larry The Kable Guy -- mr_lloyd_wrong

Get er influenced by subversive, perhaps insidious means! - Larry the Cabal Guy -- Huck

Get 'er translated! -Larry the Babel Guy -- thereallawblog

Git 'er short-stacked! -Larry the Maple Guy -- lilikoililikoi

Get 'er Cained! -Larry the Abel Guy -- thereallawblog

Git'er tucked back! - Larry the (Stage name) Mabel Guy -- _wwwest

Get 'er out of that little kid's mouth! -Larry the Play-do Guy -- Huck

Get 'er a radio-friendly single here - Larry the Label Guy -- thekelburrows

Get 'er notes from the director! -Larry the Playbill Guy -- thereallawblog

Git 'er skinned and tanned! - Larry the Sable Guy -- _wwwest

Get ‘er to Anne of Green Gables - Larry the Grables Guy -- thekelburrows

Get 'er delivered on Christmas Day! -Larry the Sleigh Pull Guy -- lilikoililikoi

Get 'er perfect vision! -Larry the Stable Eye -- thereallawblog

Git'er collated! - Larry the Staple Guy -- _wwwest

Get 'er paid by the end of the fiscal year - Larry the Accounts Payable Guy -- thekelburrows

Get 'er rescued from an alternate timeline and enrolled into Xavier's Institute! Larry the Cable Guy -- Huck

Git 'er minimally done - Larry The Basic Cable Guy -- JasonRyanJokes

Git 'er covered up! All the child abuse, that is. - Larry the Papal Guy -- _wwwest

Get 'er a yarmulke - Larry the Cable Goy -- thekelburrows

Get 'er paid by the end of the fiscal year - Larry the Accounts Payable Guy -- thekelburrows

Git 'er sailed on the 7 seas! - Larry the Naval Guy -- lilikoililikoi

Get 'er wisdom gleaned from years of experience - Larry the Sage Old Guy -- thekelburrows

Get 'er an Eric B and Rakim album. - Larry the Paid in Full Guy -- mr_lloyd_wrong

Get 'er phallic! - Larry the Maypole Guy -- lilikoililikoi

Get 'er stacked. -- Larry, the Hay Bale Guy -- mr_lloyd_wrong

Git 'er shoddily, horribly done Larry The Uwe Boll Guy -- JasonRyanJokes

Git'er some horns, then we'll talk. Larry the Gay Bull Guy -- _wwwest

You're better off betting on a horse than betting on a man to get 'er done Larry the Betty Grable Guy. -- brianbrehmer

Git'er spiritual enlightenment endorsed by celebrities.- Larry the Kabbala Guy -- Jana1982

Get 'er formal! -Larry the Gray Wool Tie -- lilikoililikoi

Git'er events in New York - Larry the Flavorpill guy -- thereallawblog

Git 'er a healthy, well-developed fetus -Larry the Pre-Natal Guy -- mtnsbeyondmtns

Git 'er 20 reams! Larry the Paper Guy -- dismynightmare

Git 'er baby put down for a nap -Larry the Cradle Guy -- mtnsbeyondmtns

Get 'er running on Windows Vista. -Larry the Unstable Guy -- MrBikferd

Git 'er data organized in a readable format -Larry the Table Guy -- mtnsbeyondmtns

Git 'er soup neatly served -Larry the Ladle Guy -- mtsbeyondmts

Git'er assassinated! -Larry the Pay Kill Guy -- thereallawblog

Get 'er a HoverRound! Larry the Handi-Capable Guy -- dismynightmare

Get 'er organized according to atomic number and similar attributes. -Larry the Periodic Table Guy -- MrBikferd

Get 'er solved! Larry the Caper Guy -- dismynightmare

Git 'er dewhiskered! -Larry the Shaveable Guy -- thereallawblog

Git 'er messages delivered in an old-timey format! -Larry the Cable Guy -- mtsbeyondmts


  1. "Git'er upvotes!"- Larry the Cablegum.

  2. "Git'er taut!" -Larry the Kegels guy

    ::takes a bow::

  3. "Git'er buns!" Larry the Bakery Guy

  4. "Git'er a red bracelet made outta thread!" - Larry the Kaballah Guy