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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Monster Roundup

In this Column we will try to bring you the weekly monster happenings going on around the web.
February 1st, 2010

Around the web.

Gabe has a fan page started by DS3M & I found the video of him & Gabe Liedman on VH1. Like the Gabe stuff? Lets hop aboard the way back machine and listen to a piece he did on This American Life.

If you live in NY, you might want to head over to Brooklyn and check out these honorary monsters every Wednesday.

For those monsters who miss Lindsay be sure to check out her Tumblr, she will also be writing a new column soon. We'll keep you updated.

Steve Winwood is the foremost art critic that I know, check out his writings on The Sunbreak. 

Jake Fogelnest hosts a chat every Friday at 6PM ct. Internet commentator discretion is advised.

MOBFD Happenings

The chat is open at all times, but it is more likely full on Friday afternoons, Tuesdays (9pm ct)  & Sundays. sometimes it gets full at weird unpredictable times.  The monsters are very welcoming, don't be afraid to say hi.  During the daytime monsters are most likely present but not necessarily chatting.

Zac Little brings a taste of his blog to MOBFD and more.
The Monster Movie Club meets on Wednesdays. This weeks movie is Unforgiven. Next week it's Tell No One AND Steal this Film. After that we will focus on Oscar nominated films, not covered by Videogum. There will be polling... there will be polling.
Topknot will periodically bring us Legends of Note, an in-depth look at some legendatory bands (sorry, I know no synonyms for legendary).
Last month thisismynightmare started a Monster Fit Club. Check for it on Mondays with youroldhighschoolcoach bringing some motivation
Frank Lloyd Wrong keeps it gangsta with Freak Out and more.
Nightmare also writes a column called I'd hit that.
Lawblog is bringing the Drama in Gums of Our Lives and more.
LBT's Generic Book Corner is a freaking joy to read. A freaking joy to read!
Cakeordeath is bringing you her experiences of living in the LA and running into celebrities & more.
The Kel Burrows is bringing web finds & other hilarity in  Now That's funny.
Lizzing takes care of all unanswered videogum tips in Just the Tip. Email her if you have some stuff you think she can use.
Concert Addict brings you her concert reviews and more.
Doctor Girlfriend brings you Nerd Alert! 
Teacherman brings you the poem of the week and more.
Also this week Godsauce brought justice to the blog.

Also we have an online game list, this is for Playstation Network, Xbox Live, Word With Friends for Istuff and the android version of Scrabble, Wordfeud that Skotchka mentioned. We also added a Steam group that Ben (waiting for the perfect gif) created.

The monster marketplace is empty due to the fact that I'm an idiot and I lost all the links, if you have an Ebay, Etsy or real store let me know and I'll add it. This week there will be some content there, I pinky swear.

If you have no idea what's going on be sure to check out Werttrew's Inside joke list.

MOBFD is doing an European & Oceanic monster list. Let me know if you'd like to be added.

Don't forget to check the Monsters' Ball stats as well as the complete WMOAT list.

PS. Keep a lookout for monster band profiles, including Ringo Deathstarr, Chinese Bakeries & more.

General Community stuff.

We started a Kiva team! Like I said before, you don't have to give right now to join, you decide when and who to give to. 

If you are a monster and have stuff going on outside of Videogum send me an email & I'll try to post a link to it. If you have a personal Blog send a link to Werttrew or me and we'll happily ad you to the Blog/tumblr list. 

If you want to attend a meetup, check out the upcoming meetup schedule.  There are two in Chicago this weekend,  Friday & Saturday!

If you want to be added to Werrtrew's videogum twitter list, send him a message.

If you are in New Haven, CT. be sure to check out Brian the Astronaut's band at Cafe Nine this Thursday.

If you have any submissions for Monster Roundup or MOBFD, be sure to send them to me. A delicious corpse style column is coming up where I want a lot of monsters to participate, let me know if you are interested. Also, be sure to check out our other casual contributors such as Dafs, Baby Friday, Anchor Management, Ghostdad, Jeff, Dirty Space News, Facetaco, Superglue, Xave, Philplusbert, Underwear Eyes, Pizza etc. Sorry if I forgot you, I'm an idiot.

Lastly, I'd like to announce the newest addition to MOBFD. Take it away Mtnsbeyondmtns:


So, the concept of an advice column is sort of odd, right? Write to someone who doesn’t know you from Adam and tell them your problems and then they’ll tell you what to do. But also? Therein lies the magic! Because that person doesn’t know you, they are an impartial third-party who has no emotional investment in the situation, so they can be objective. Also, this is what they do for a living, so they should be pretty good at it, or at least you’d assume.

All of this is my way of introducing the newest feature here at mobfd, which is (drum roll…go ahead, I’ll wait) an advice column written by me! Why should you write to me, perhaps you are asking. Well, for one, I am a social worker (whatever THAT means) who helps people all the time! I am trained and experienced! Plus, I love to give my opinion (because I’m a bigmouth), and I’ve been told many times that I give good advice.

Setting all of that aside, however, I do genuinely love and care about the human race, monsters more so than most others (sorry, extended family!). I like to help people and I want everyone to have full, meaningful, productive lives that give them hope for the future.

So write to me, won’t you? Depending on the number of responses, I’ll post one or two emails with my responses each week. You can remain anonymous if you’d like. I can also do “Confidential to…”, meaning that I won’t post your email, I’ll just respond in my column.

Send your emails to:

I hope to hear from you soon! 


  1. I loved Gabe's pick for Best Director. Oh my god, that was funny. Gabe's delivery was hilarious. Lol

  2. RE: the Dear Mountie thing.

    How about they set up a account that will allow for anonymous questions?

  3. Duncan, how would I do that? Should I just go to the website? I'm a bit of a dummy when it comes to technology and Web 2.0 stuff.