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Monday, January 31, 2011

Now THAT is funny. A Shocking Lack of Lolcats Edition.

One of my favorite blogs of all-time was a sports-themed blog (Gents, are you paying attention? I read sports blogs!) written by an anonymous woman from Indianapolis. One of the blogs regular features was one in which she played fantasy football against herself - one team when she was sober and the opposing team when she was drunk. Sober her started Tom Brady. Drunk her started (as she wrote) Joe Flaaaaccccooooo. It was high comedy but sadly the blog just stopped being updated one day. Such is the nature of funny things on the internet, I suppose.

I had intended for this week's column to be the fan fiction piece I have been writing in which Tilda Swinton stars in a cinematic remake of Kenny Roger's 1982 movie about a race car driver that reluctantly adopts a half dozen rambunctous orphans and learns the true meaning of love titled Six Pack but, sadly, it's not ready yet. The story is just so beautiful that I cry and cry every time I work on it and I have shorted out six different laptops as of last Tuesday as result. In lieu of "Bearded Tilda's Bawdy Brood" (this is still a working title, by the way) I'm going to highlight some of my favorite funny things from around the web. Ding dong, obviously I won't waste anyone's time pointing out Videogum, BestWeekEver, The Onion, or the awesomely funny Monster authored things going on in this particular blog. But here are some of my OTHER favorite places around the internet.

Hipster Puppies
At work, I use images from Hipster Puppies as buttons for spreadsheet macros. Because I am awesome. Fuck You, Penguin
Well past its peak these days, but two years ago this blog was the best. I have an FU Penguin tshirt. Stuff White People Like
OK, everyone knows this one but it's one of my favorites and might as well be called "Stuff The Kel Burrows Likes."

I love Threadless tees and I love the sense of humor that is everywhere in their site. My favorite Threadless event was the cool dog photoshop contest. The original cool dog and still the best. #cooldog The Oatmeal
Yeah yeah, another one you already know. But I'm sorry this is awesomely funny.

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  1. One of my favorite Hunter S Thompson moments was when he was shooting a teddy bear with a machine gun and he yelled "Fuck you, bear!". I think some of HST's spirit lives through Fuck You Penguin.