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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Best Dances

By Hipsterdad
These are the greatest dances of the last cycle of the Xia calendar. Rooster was excluded for obvious reasons.
In condescending order:

Purple: Krumping & Clowning. Everyone thinks of this as the cool underground dance... that's why it's not ranked higher.

Donas: Chuntaro Style. Points off for wearing blond dreadlocks.

Scorpion: Chicken Noodle soup  Extra points for calling yourself WebStar. Points off for calling yourself Webstar.

Kava: C-walking      This should be one place lower on the list.

#1: Daggering      Daggering should be taught at high schools.

Platinum: Jerkin                            Candy

Crimson: Stanky Leg   
A: Cupid Shuffle done by white people   Extra points if it's done by a single white person in the middle of a black party.

Runners up:

  • Standing in place in the middle of a concert, casually tilting your head from side to side. 
  • Invented Macarena/Lambada mashup
  • Doing an authentic Soweto or Kwassa Kwassa at a Vampire Weekend concert.
  • Robocop
  • Fist-bumping the spirit


  1. The robocop should have been at crimson. This is an outrage!

  2. Just so you guys know, I appear in most of these videos.

  3. Do the parents of the children in that Stanky Leg video KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING??? YOU ARE GROUNDED YOUNG LADIES!!!