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Monday, January 31, 2011

Monster Fit Club: Week Five

Can you guys believe that we are already five weeks in?! Everyone's weigh-ins are looking great, and I look forward every week to see how you guys are progressing. Last week, we even had new Monsters join! If you are thinking about joining, you can jump in at any time. It's never too late to get fit!

This week I lost 1 lb. (8.5 lbs. total). I am now 11.5 lbs. away from my 20 lb. goal!

My diet is going really well. I am staying within my calorie budget, so I am very proud of myself. I did go to the Olive Garden (don't judge me, that shit is delicious!) and I had quite a few breadsticks, but that was my only splurge this week. Workouts are going great. However, I am having a hard time waking up in the morning to do my workouts, so that means a lot of post-work workouts which really sucks. It's so much easier when I can get the workout done in the morning. I am going to try really hard this week to wake up early and it them done! I have already succeeded in that goal today, but I still have the rest of the week. I'll let you know how it goes!

This week, I would like to make recommendation for the MTV series I Used to Be Fat. I was a little apprehensive to watch this show, but Lawblog said that it was worth the watch, so I gave it a shot. To my surprise, the show is really great! Each week, they take an overweight kid who is about to start college, and they have the summer to lose weight. You follow them as they make the transformation, and it is actually really inspirational. If you have time, try to check it out. It might give you a little extra motivation.

So how did you do this week?! Put your progress and suggestions in the comments and let's discuss!


DISCLAIMER: As always, please consult with a doctor before starting any diet or weight loss program. MOBFD is not responsible for you having a heart attack or anything. DEAL WITH IT!


  1. Sorry about the formatting, you guys! For some reason, it is not showing up with the spaces b/t paragraphs!

  2. I'm at 12/40. (!!)

    This week had it's challenges. Like Nightmare, I had a hard time getting up for morning workouts and finding time to fit them in later in the day. I'm also still drinking quite a bit. I always fit it into my calorie count, but it seems mighty unnecessary. This might not be the week to cut that out. I have monster meetups both Friday and Saturday, and a Super Bowl party on Sunday. I knew this would get harder once my social life crept back in.

    Otherwise, I'm generally feeling really good. I wore a dress and jeans this weekend that were too snug to wear during Christmas week. Progress!

  3. Oh man, I was actually going to recommend "I Used to be Fat". Very inspirational and last week's guy Jordan turned out amazing. Although I'm not sure if losing 90 lbs. in 110 days is really all that healthy for the long term.

    Anyway, I told you last week I finally had a week without social obligations so I could focus on fit Club. So I changed up my work-out by adding inclines and more variation, ate more protein, resisted most temptations and BOOM, I lost 3 lbs. this week for a total of 6 lbs. Pretty stoked, hopefully this will keep up for the next week..

  4. 11/40

    Not the greatest week, though I did have my biggest weight loss (3.5 pounds) I fear some of that may have been muscle, because I only got 1 workout in.

    I was also having a lot of trouble getting up in the morning. Turns out I was on my way to my second nasty head cold of the year. For those keeping scores that's 4 weeks of fit club/2 weeks of head cold. NOT IDEAL FIT CLUB CONDITIONS!

    But up early this morning and back on track! Feeling good.

    I haven't looked around the site too much, but I'd recommend 'Healthy Cooking' section. I made this turkey chili last night and it was pretty good - only 198 calories!

    I'd definitely add some more beans to it next'd be worth the extra calories, but it's pretty tasty none-the-less.

  5. Hey Nightmare, for formatting next time you can put < br > < br > (minus spaces of course) into the HTML version of your draft to insert a line break where you want one.

    Also, I recently started doing the 200 squats program ( It is totally ridiculous and awesome. It's less for weight loss and more for toning/strength training. Also I can do it at work.

  6. Hi! I lost about 9 lbs since I started, but I might have gained it back on my birthday weekend, so I'm starting again. I'll let you know my status the next time I'm in the vicinity of a scale(I do not own one).

  7. All is going smoothly here--weight is staying pretty much the same but I'm definitely toning up so I think I'm definitely putting on muscle. (You guys, I can feel my abs again, it's the coolest thing!)

    I started tae kwon do last week and all I can say is THANK HEAVEN I've been working out 5-6 times a week because I don't think I'd have made it through otherwise. Their warmup is mega intense. I still turned a particularly ruddy shade of Irish, but did quite a respectable job. Special big ups to my girl Jillian Michaels.

    By the way, the Crunch Boot Camp workout on Netflix Streaming is pretty decent. The 10 Minute Solution: Fat Blasting Dance Mix is the perfect way to recreate the awkward "white people dancing" cliche right in your very own living room, so if that's your thing, by all means. I was quite shamed enough.

  8. Thanks for the tip, SG! I don't know why spaces work on my other posts and not on my MFC posts. So weird!

    Great job everyone! Keep it up!

  9. Didn't have time to post yesterday, but I don't know that I lost any weight this week. I worked my ass off and all that though so I feel pretty good. And I'm still eating some fast food, but way less. Same with sodas. I still could be way better though

  10. Missed posting yesterday as well. My week went pretty well, at our weigh in at work I'd lost about 4lbs!

    That may not be the case this week, since not 1 but 2 of my kids brought in cakes they decorated especially for me. One is in my kitchen right now, which is not a good thing..

    But on the plus side, I'm still running (was really inspired by friends in the Houston marathon this weekend) and finished day 9 of the yoga challenge today.

    Hope everyone continues to do well this week (and feel better) despite the snowpocalypse!