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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Monster Movie Club: Unforgiven

We could talk about Unforgiven. An undisputed American classic that is widely considered to be one of the 100 best movies ever made. We could talk about how Clint Eastwood deconstructs the heroic gunslinger myth, for which he was the cinematic archetype. We could talk about how the film engages you without resorting to labeling characters "good" or "bad". We could talk about how the vivid sense of danger and grit engrosses the film-viewer, making the movie seem realistic without being boring. We could talk about the struggle with justice and old west law. We could talk about how awesome this picture is:
Or we could talk about Cool Dog!

Cool Dog on Netflix

Next week it's Tell No One AND Steal this Film. After that we will focus on Oscar nominated films, not covered by Videogum. There will be a poll on the blog to determine which films we discuss. 


  1. Wait, where are we talking about Unforgiven? On this thread? If so:

    Eh, wasn't that into it.


  2. I once read about how this genre has been around since the invention of cinema. During the 80s the style was so overdone that the only studios producing them would be second rate places. Having this screenplay since the 70s, the director chose to wait decades to produce the film. He set it around the time when the characters were becoming overshadowed by their own legend. This film shows the struggle of characters, who once praised for their anticts, were now trying to adapt into a now more civilized world.
    This film comes off as an eulogy to the genre, but ironically reinvigorates it. We no longer need to cheer for the protagonist as a person we admire, in fact you feel almost sorry for them & their disconnect from humanity.
    The film also coincides with the musical revolution of the time. Gravitas was brought to the mainstream in a way few other pop art had brought it before.
    Unforgiven was ok too.

  3. The only problem with this place is the crippling inability to upvote.