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Saturday, February 5, 2011


I read the news today a-NO DOY -- MrAdventureman

Magical Mystery MOAR. -- batteredgnome

Hide yo kids, hide yo day in the life -- thekelburrows

A Day in th LOLfe amirite? -- batteredgnome

She reads the text that is lying there/The fountain water is soaking her hair / She breaks down and cries to her husband 'Daddy, my shame is gone!' -- MrAdventureman

Here Comes the Antoine Dodson -- teacherman

She Loves You're The Man Now Dog -- batteredgnome

PSYCHE Dreamers Do -- kelburrows

Jeremy London't Let Me Down -- teacherman

We All Live In A Double Rainbow -- Ian

Fucking Magical Mystery Tours How Do They Work? -- Ian

Filling a Hole (That's What She Said) -- MrAdventureman

Something Something Something -- batteredgnome

You're Gonna Lose That Tubgirl -- mr_lloyd_wrong

ABC. Always Be Coming Together. -- MrAdventureman

Because the world is round, and god, and the bible it turns me on -- MrAdventureman

It's Only a Northern Ding Dong -- teacherman

Get Backtraced -- batteredgnome

Come To-Werthers -- kelburrows

Fixing a Trolololol -- teacherman

And Your Birdie Can Sing -- MrAdventureman

I'm Looking Through Youtube (for a cat video) -- BabyFriday

(Clever) Girl -- MrAdventureman

That's Your Giiiiiiiiiiirl *sharp intake of breath* -- BabyFriday

Tro-lo-lobla-di, Tro-lo-lobla-da -- mr_lloyd_wrong

It's been a hard day's night / And I've been sleeping like a Salsa Dog -- teacherman

Rick Roll Over Beethoven -- mr_lloyd_wrong

What's Up With that Topher Grace that she keeps in the jar by the door? -- teacherman

It's Been a Hard Day's Blog -- BabyFriday

Three Cool Lolcats -- batteredgnome

Leeroy Jenken't Buy Me Love -- mr_lloyd_wrong

Halp! -- UnderwearEyes

Long, Long, Longcat -- mr_lloyd_wrong

The Cool Dog on the Hill -- kelburrows

Look out Mel-ter Skelter/ Gibson coming down fast -- BabyFriday

I Can Has Cheezburger Majesty -- teacherman

Sausage, Pork, Beef, Cheese, Whole Milk, Getting Butter, Margarine, Nuts -- MrAdventureman

Very Hey. Very Jude. -- teacherman

Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkeyboard Cat -- mr_lloyd_wrong

Beatles for Sale (because the rent is too damn high) -- davedrake

I used to get mad at my school/ Teachers who taught me weren't Cool Dog -- BabyFriday

Any Peanut Butter Jelly Time At All -- mr_lloyd_wrong

I used to be bad to my woman/ I made her blow me before the jacuzzi -- BabyFriday

That's You're Going to Lose that Girl -- teacherman

Numa Numaxwell's Silver Hammer -- mr_lloyd_wrong

Spiderman and Honey Pie -- MrAdventureman

In My Life (is Twilight) -- bridgetorr

Being For The Brad Pitt Prank of Mr. Kite! -- kelburrows

Rocky Racoon/ checked into his room/ Only to find/ He had no Koran -- BabyFriday

Why don't we ride in shopping carts in the road? -- BabyFriday

Here Comes The Sun, Boom Goes The Dynamite -- mr_lloyd_wrong

He Came In Through the Bedroom Window (So Hide Yo' Wife) -- Bluestockings

Maru Gonna Lose That Girl -- batteredgnome

Strawberry Fields Forever Alone -- MrAdventureman

Anytime At All Your Base Are Belong To Us -- mr_lloyd_wrong

Revolution Number NINE-THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAAND!!!!!!! -- Bluestockings

September in the Chocolate Rain -- mr_lloyd_wrong

Rick Roll Over Beethoven -- batteredgnome

You never give me your money / You only give me your Sad Don Drapers -- teacherman

O RLY Darling! -- davedrake

Leave My Kitten and Britney Alone -- mr_lloyd_wrong

Back In The All Your Base Are Belong To USSR -- batteredgnome

Sgt. Pepper's Women Laughing Alone With Salad Hearts Club Band -- kelburrows

Happy LeO Darlin! -- teacherman

Sgt. @Werttrew's Monster Friends Club Band -- Bluestockings

Tay Zonday in the Life -- mr_lloyd_wrong

Things We Monsters Said Today -- teacherman

Chucknorris Wood -- batteredgnome

All My Loving Are Belong To Us -- davedrake

Rainbows In the Sky In Doubles -- Bluestockings

Dick in a Matchbox -- mr_lloyd_wrong

Dancing Baby You're a Rich Man -- batteredgnome

Gwyn I'm 64 -- kelburrows

I've Just Seen a FAIL -- davedrake

Numa Numa 9 Song -- batteredgnome

Her Majesty's pretty. -Steve Winwood -- Bluestockings

Two Girls, One After 909 -- mr_lloyd_wrong

Double Rainbow all the way across the universe -- NotSoSuraj

Mean Mr. Madson -- MrAdventureman

Everybody's Trying to Be My Babby (How is it Formed?) -- mr_lloyd_wrong

Nowhere Winnebago Man -- mr_lloyd_wrong

That's What She Said She Said -- MrAdventureman

Helter Finds Out -- davedrake


While My Vuvuzela Gently Weeps -- davedrake

If I Fell (Off My Trampoline) -- kelburrows

We Can Smang It Out -- teacherman

Yer Bad Idea Jeans -- MrAdventureman

Nowhere 4chan -- batteredgnome

Dear Prudence/Won't you let me be great? -- MrAdventureman

Basil Marceaux dot Come Together -- teacherman

Birthday (dog) -- davedrake

Don't Let Me Down Or Tase Me, Bro -- davedrake

I Am The WMOAT -- MrAdventureman

Penny Lava -- davedrake

All Sad Keanu Need Is Love -- kelburrows

Penny Lane, Totally in control of me? YES! -- dismynightmare

Across the Interwebs -- dismynightmare

Let It BNPG -- teacherman

Pants on the Hill -- davedrake

Double rainbow all the way across the lucy in the sky with diamonds -- kelburrows

I'm Not a Witch, I'm You Won't See Me -- teacherman

Hey (Salsa)BowlDog -- MrAdventureman

Hey, Jude/Don't be afraid/You have found her/ Let's gooooooooooooooooo and get her!" -@iambirdie -- Bluestockings

Everybody Goatse'mthing to Hide Except Me and My Monkey -- davedrake

I'm so tired/I haven't slept a wink/I'm so tired/My mind is in a yogurt cup -- MrAdventureman

I'm Happy Just To Dougie With You. -- Bluestockings

Norwegian Antwoord -- MrAdventureman

Hey, Don/Don't be so sad/Go get Keanu/And make it better. -- Bluestockings

Drive My Copper Cab -- MrAdventureman

You're The Taxman Now, Dog. -- Bluestockings

I'm the Wololorus. -- Bluestockings

Norwegian Wood (TWSS!!) -- kelburrows

That's What She Said She Said -- UnderwearEyes

Don't Leave My Kesha Alone -- MrAdventureman

Long Tall Salty (TWSS) -- MrAdventureman

In the town where I was born / Lived Amanda Bynes who sailed to sea -- kelburrows

I Want You (She's So Pretty) -- MrAdventureman

Where's Walrus at String? -- MrAdventureman

You crazy for this one Maxwell! -- MrAdventureman

We're gonna need a bigger boat on a river / With tangerine memes and double-rainbows in the sky -- teacherman

Good Day, Sunshine! (I'm Gonna Sleep in a Patch of You) -@iambirdie -- Bluestockings

Boats you row remain popular in syndication -- MrAdventureman

The Ballad of Randy and Evi -- Bluestockings

The End (Is Coming in 2012) -- Bluestockings

And in the end/ the LOLs you take/ Are equal to/ The LOLs/ You make -- BabyFriday

When you talk about destruction/Don't you know that Y'ALL BUTTHURT -- MrAdventureman

Fetch'ing a Hole (Stop trying to make fetch happen) -- kelburrows

Deal Prudence With It. -- batteredgnome


  1. Best BNPG ever? Best BNPG ever. Bonus points awarded to Teach for "We Can Smang It Out" and BatteredGnome for "Maru Gonna Lose That Girl". And to me for "Sgt. Pepper's Women Laughing Alone With Salad Hearts Club Band" because I totally laughed heartily at my own joke on that one. It gives me great pleasure to act as the curator for all Monster Twitter games.

  2. Beautiful. Most fun I've had on Saturday in a long time.

  3. Yeah, seriously, I haven't enjoyed anything so much in a long while. but of course #inmylifeistwilight.

  4. This was crazy fun. BTW, I hate to ask this, but who is DaveDrake, b/c he is hilarious.

  5. Baby Friday, Did you forget the Saturday night we spent together not that long ago?! DO I MEAN NOTHING TO YOU?!