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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Baby Friday's Safari Planet

Anyone who knows me knows that I get pretty weird around animals. I thought I’d blog about it, for your amusement. Here is another one of my encounters with a random animal.
So there’s this feral cat that has been hanging around our house for about a year now. We named him Calvin Coolidge, so to distinguish him from the deceased former president we call him “Kitty Calvin Coolidge” or just “K-Cal” for short. That way no one gets confused by the statement, “Calvin Coolidge just ran across the front yard.” “What?!” “Oh, Kitty Calvin Coolidge, not the deceased former president.” “Oh, gotcha.”

So anyway, as with all cats in the world, my goal was to pet him. To lure him into my grasp, I used a small bag of kitty food. At first, K-Cal acted as though he were too good for me. He would circle around me while I poured the food, but would run over and start rolling around in the driveway if I tried to get close. After several days of this, finally K-Cal allowed me to pet him. He’s brindle, with a surprisingly soft coat for a cat that runs more or less wild.
Come to find out that K-Cal has been eating at all of the houses on my street, and that he let my neighbor Ava PICK HIM UP. I was not pleased to hear that. How could K-Cal be so aloof? Someday, K-Cal. Someday.
Also, apparently Calvin Coolidge is a girl. She has gotten enormously fat, so she might be pregnant.
This has been a brief insight into the madness that is Baby Friday’s animal obsession. Tune in next time for the tale of the fabled "Twelve-Kitty Day"!


  1. I'm still trying to decide whether I think Calvin Coolidge is a superior cat name to Tom Clancy. I mean "Claw and Present Danger" is pretty funny but then so is "Silent Cat." My heart just cannot choose a winner...

  2. Assuming I don't annoy everyone with this bizarre little feature, you'll become familiar with all of the strange names I bestow upon cats that are not mine.

  3. This is fantastic and you should do one DAILY.

  4. OMG! I laughed maniacally as I read this post...the whole way through!

  5. "You act like I never lured a cat out of the woods before."