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Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Clarification

Hey everyone. Recently, as some of you may be aware, a question was posed. A question of Mystery Butts and Toilet Dumps. This question has pitted brother against brother, monster against monster, and cartoon character against cartoon character.

Recently, I spoke with the original poser of the question: the Ladyblog and her brother. It turns out that my initial interpretation of the rules was incorrect, and so, today, I offer a clarification.

First, for the Mystery Butt option, you are allowed a condom. I understand this changes some things. However, there are two additional changes to Mystery Butt.

1) You see the whole butt, cheeks and all. It's not just a butt gloryhole.

2) You insert into the butt until you have climaxed.

I don't know if that will change anyone's opinions, but those are the official rules from on high.


  1. Given these new revelations, I have a new respect for this question.

    One one side there is shame and humiliation where the toilet dump is concerned.You expose yourself to diseases and public shame, but at the end of the day it ends with you.

    As far as the mystery butt...things can go very wrong. you are no longer exposes to disease, but the consequences could be disastrous. Don't get me wrong, I'm in a polyamorous relationship...with consensual adults. I have enjoyed companionship with both men and women I have met the same night, but this is not the same.

    The fact that there is a choice, this becomes a question between substitutionary atonement and optimistic wagering.

  2. What's the status on lube for the Mystery Butt?
    You'll pretty much need it to reduce the risk of the condom malfunctioning.

    If it's allowed It can't be silicone-based because they're not latex safe and the condom will deteriorate. The more you know.

    (Sorry, I was a graphics assistant at a personal lubricant company for two years, and I had to think about marketing butt sex A LOT)

  3. I think we need to assume that the Mystery Butt is consenting. Also, since this overwhelmingly favors MB (not that I argue with that; you know i'm Team Mystery Butt 4 Lyfe), I would pose that the Toilet Dumper could also wear a poncho. It's not guaranteed protection, but it's something.

    Also, can you choose your own brand of condom? Because you could choose a lubricated one. While not optimal, it could help.

  4. I agree with superglue. Theses clarifications are way to "pro-mystery butt". If you are going to change things on us toilet dumpers then I believe toilet dumpers should be allowed to wear scuba gear and are allowed to bring ourselves to climax for the duration of said toilet dump.
    Otherwise this is nothing but Mystery Butt gerrymandering.

  5. I would argue that these changes are, in fact, pro toilet dump. The condom eliminates the disease, but now you are faced with the entire butt. There's no pretending you're not having sex with a stranger's butt, particularly if it's a hairy gross one. In addition, you have to climax! So you straight up had sex in the butt of a stranger who may or not be totally gross. There's no pretending you haven't.

  6. "Mystery Butt Gerrymandering" is the title of my next album.

  7. What's the sitch on Team Mystery Dump?

  8. KajusX, I know what your tombstone should read!

    "Sorry, I was a graphics assistant at a personal lubricant company for two years, and I had to think about marketing butt sex A LOT".

    Done and done. One less thing for you to worry about.

  9. Toilet Dump remains the same. No ponchos allowed.

  10. The condom makes Mystery Butt an even better choice. TEAM MYSTERY BUTT 4 LYFE!