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Friday, February 11, 2011

Slothshots! 2:Sports

After a week off we come back to checking out the world of photography in Slothshots.
The superbowl occurred last weekend and I thought it would be topical to focus on sports photography for this post. One artist in particular has captured some of the most iconic moments in sports ever. He is often regarded as the greatest sports photographer in history. We will be focusing on Neil Leifer in this post and 8 of his most compelling pictures. Enjoy.
I hope enjoyed those pictures and gained a little bit more appreciation for sports
photo-Journalism. Next week we will get back on track, we will be looking at Civil War Photography particularly post-battle pictures of dead soldiers.


  1. Like before everyone is welcomed to post their favorite sports photographs and comment. Also to help me out, if you want, send me you favorite album covers that are photos at

  2. Again, I really like this. Thanks Sloth. You are tops.

  3. I was sports editor of my University newspaper, and one of my favourite things about the job was trying to fit in great photos - ones that were both visually appealing and told the story well.
    These are nice choices.

  4. These are lovely--thank you for posting!