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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Racist Marmaduke Offers A Defense

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Toilet Dump. It's the white choice. It's the right choice.


  1. So what you're saying is that racists choose Toilet Dump? I'm feeling better and better about being Team Mystery Butt.

  2. @Superglue Racist DOGS without critical thinking skills choose Toilet Dump. And we should all be so lucky as to Mystery Butt a talented thespian such as Mr. Vigoda.

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  4. I think you are both missing the fact that Marmaduke has a working chimney in his dog house. Does that mean he has a fireplace in there? Did his owners build it? If so, what nut builds a working fireplace in a doghouse?

    The converse is equally as frightening. Did Marmaduke build it? This means Marmaduke has moved beyond the ability to use tools, but has a working knowledge of masonry, carpentry and architecture. Not to mention he can start a fire.

    A creepy genius dog-- and he's a racist! This is terrifying. Meanwhile, we're sitting here arguing over mystery butts and toilet dumps. We need to get our heads in the game people.

  5. That's not a chimney, it's clearly Marmaduke's Toilet Dump chute. (those are stink fumes, not smoke, coming out the top)

    Sorry. Too soon?