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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dropbox, Dying. New Server Rising

Monsters, one and all -
The Dropbox.
         How Bout it?
It's been fun, it's been great, it was a valuable service used for disseminating musics that the Monsters wanted. We have had valuable additions and contributions to the box. I have made sure to keep a copy or version of every file uploaded to the box before it was removed again to save space.

Well the MonsterGum Drop Box will now be changing shape.
It will serve SOLELY as a way for Monsters to give me Music.
Which I will then Take from the Dropbox, and add to the New Monster Music Server.

I will be creating this Monster Music Server using a service called Subsonic.

Subsonic has the ability to run at all times, be accessible to anyone with an ID/PW, AND Can be Accessed Via Mobile App - iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile.
You can then stream the Monster Music Collection Whenever. Login on the website, download albums at work, at home, to your laptop, iPad, wherever.

Now here's the scoop - Everyone who wants access will have a unique id and pw. I will put up ALL of the MP3's I have in my collection to this point. I will still depend on you guys dropping stuff into the MonsterGumDropBox because let's face it, I'm not as hip as you all, and Also the Noise you Kids Listen to makes me want to rip my face off sometimes. But it's always good to keep listening, keep experiencing, keep trying and testing (half the reason I enjoyed running the DB was bc you guys have helped me realized some of the things I thought sucked don't always suck - THANKS KEL).

So Yeah, I imagine we should go Live this weekend, I'll have tested it at home soon and will begin setting up IDs shortly. I also need to go see my buddy with the TB of music and copy some more of his vast library (INCLUDING ALL OF THE ICP'S).

Peace, Love, Monsters


  1. Good work, I want in!

  2. Do you know what makes this nerd's heart the happiest nerdiest heart in the land? When someone says "Hey, I listened to thing you said I should listen to and I really liked it." Thank you for making my day, DS.

  3. Where do I go for information on how to access this GumDrop folder?

  4. Count me in. I will continue to contribute unrequested and unwelcome playlists.

  5. I will update with a new Blog post when I finish my back end work. I will definitely be plastering the tweets with invites to the server!